Day 94|365

Day 94
Settings – ISO 160, 50mm, f2.5, 1/320sec

It’s so good having these guys in town for the week! Jasper had an appointment at the Groomers up in Cove at 12 o’clock so I dropped him off then headed down to the beach to join them for a game of bowling…which Sarah won, despite having to use her left hand because her right wrist is injured! Not only did she win, she got three strikes in a row. Bonkers! I rushed back up to Cove afterwards to collect Jasper, only to discover he wasn’t ready yet, because he was so matted it had taken the groomer longer to brush him out before clipping him *face palm* Here was me thinking I was doing a good job keeping on top of his brushing, apparently not! Think it might be time to start clipping him more regularly, and therefore clipping him myself; we already spend more money on his hair than we do on mine! Once he was done we headed to Duthie Park to meet this happy bunch for a cuppa, and more hugs! Jasper had to stay in the car because the cafe still isn’t dog friendly…

Day 61|365

Day 61.jpg
Settings – ISO 800, 50mm, f2.0, 1/200sec

Today was an old school classics baking day! Although, the flapjacks had a slight twist to them, as I had bananas that needed used up so they’re more healthy than the flapjacks Mum used to make when I was younger, and therefore…not as good! The truffles however are as fantastic as ever. So simple, but so delicious! I might go grab one right now…

Day 46|365

Day 46.jpg
Settings – ISO 320, 24mm, f2.8, 1/500sec

I had another wonderful catch up with these lovely ladies today, and this time they let me take their picture with my big beast of a camera! They even planned ahead and coordinated their outfits! Haha, just kidding, that was just fate. We drove out to Spider On A Bicycle in Aboyne for breakfast. Laura had scrambled egg and avocado on toast, and Bianca and I both had bacon rolls. I wanted to eat it ALL it looked so delicious. Then, of course, after breakfast, we had cake! Yum! And just look at that beautiful light coming in from the window to create a warm glow behind these pretty ladies. Ugh. SO good!

If you’re looking for somewhere cosy to stop for good coffee and delicious homemade food made with local produce, then I definitely recommend you take a spin out to the beautiful countryside to visit Spider on a Bicyle. You can even bring your dog!

Day 32/365

Settings – ISO 400, 50mm, f2.0, 1/800sec

My poor darling husband was off work on Thursday with food poisoning, so we had a nice relaxing day on the sofa. I sewed an embroidery hoop for a friend’s birthday present, and enjoyed a few delicious cuppas, and he snuggled up under the duvet.

On another note, don’t you just LOVE the print of my Monsoon dress?! The colours, the corduroy, the pattern, it’s all amazing! I hope it’s a staple piece in my wardrobe for many years to come.

Day 24|365

Day 24.jpg
Settings – ISO 100, 50mm, f2.0, 1/250sec

No matter what your career is I think you’re always learning and progressing, and it’s good to do refresher courses if you’ve taken a wee break…

Today I made a start on Katelyn James’ Lighting & Location Course, to refresh my mind and improve my ability to find the best light on future photo shoots, because…that’s my plan now! I’ve not officially put it out there yet, so here it is, I am in the process of starting up my photography business again! Eeek! I’m excited, but also slightly nervous as there are so many fantastic photographers out there right now, capturing beautiful moments around the country, but I really hope to focus on Community over Comparison/Competition this time round.

Day 19|365

F75A0967-EditSettings – ISO 100, 50mm, f2.0, 1/40sec

I set up a flat lay, with a few of my favourite things, to use as a new blog header this morning. I’m rather pleased with it! I baked some banana loaf yesterday especially for it,  Jasper sat nicely for his Polaroid, I made a delicious cup of decaf tea (always livin’ the high life!), grabbed some of the shells we collected in Portugal last summer, and teal beads from an old necklace (cause you know I’ve got to get some teal in there!), then played around with one of my many sets of fairylights. Simples!

I really want to eat a slice of that banana loaf now, but I’m full of chinese takeaway and it’s quite late (when you have to get up early on a Saturday morning…) so I should really just head to bed. Banana loaf for breakfast, perhaps? There’s fruit in it, that makes it a breakfast food.