Day 266|365

Day 266
Settings – ISO 320, 35mm, f2.8, 1/200sec

Why the long face? Because I cut the hair on his head today so that he could see better! He now looks like a poodle again, with very fluffy legs…I really need to cut the rest of his hair now, to balance out his proportions.

Today the occasional pains returned, and the night before I potentially thought my waters had broken slightly…but it appears not. No, that doesn’t mean I peed myself. This baby has got us on the edge of our seat (or birthing ball…), I don’t think I can bear living in suspense like this for another 4 and a bit weeks, potentially!


Day 57|365

Day 57.jpg
Settings – ISO 500, 105mm (70-200mm), f2.8, 1/1000sec

Finally, after weeks apart, Jasper has been reunited with his favourite thing in the world, his Chuck It ball! So I decided to take out the big guns for today’s photo, my 70-200mm telephoto lens, and capture Jasper in his happiest moments. I think this is the only photo that’s in focus out of the 100 I took…he runs so fast! Too fast for the auto focus of the 70-200mm. I got a few crackers of him sitting, waiting for me to throw the ball again, with his ginormous tongue hanging out, but I was determined to get a good action shot. With a bit more practice maybe one day I’ll manage to get a “legless flying dog” shot.

Day 16/365

Day 16Settings – ISO 320, 50mm, f1.2, 1/400sec

How cute is our little furball!? I’m going to try not have him as 50% of my blog photos this year…but these days he is a large part of my day! This was on our walk along the old railway line to the park. I was messaging a friend and he dropped the ball by my feet and waited patiently for me to throw it again. Pretty much his favourite thing in the whole world. That’s why I have 3 of them…so that if one of them falls in the pond and is out of reach (and then freezes in the middle of said pond because it’s freakin’ cold right now!) we still have another one to play with the next day. Hooray! I’m really hoping we will get that ball back though…they’re not cheap those Chuckit balls. Totally worth it though as they are, so far, indestructible and bring hours, days, weeks and months of happiness!

See how exciting my life is right now! Great stories.

On a serious note, I’m super thankful for this pooch. He forces me outside for a walk, come rain or shine, every day. Wonderfully refreshing for the mind! And he gives great snuggles.

Day 8|365 – Jasper’s Debut

F75A0526-EditSettings – ISO 1250, 50mm, f1.2, 1/250 sec

He may look all sweet and innocent, but he’d just spent 15 minutes disobeying everything I said, and very nearly didn’t get his blog debut! Then I realised he wasn’t really doing anything wrong; he hadn’t been out for a proper walk yet, he’d just spent two hours at the groomers and then been freed from his lead in a big open space…of course he wasn’t going to sit and smile at the camera!

I really must start keeping treats in my pocket at all times! Although, I don’t think treats could even keep him away from a flirtatious chihuahua in heat! Thankfully his love for making new human friends meant we could grab him and pop him back on the lead before we had some Chi-Poo’s on our hands.

Once the coast was clear of cheeky Chihuahuas and speedy Spaniels we had another go at the photo shoot and this time it was much more successful *Insert heart eyes emoji here* Isn’t he adorable?!

So the moral of the story is never work with children or animals. Haha, just kidding. Just don’t expect them to sit and smile for a photo if they need to burn off some energy first!