Day 278|365

Day 278
Settings – ISO 100, 35mm, f2.8, 1/800sec

Yay for sunny Autumn walks! I’ve been feeling quite energetic the past couple days so I decided to take Jasper for a lovely stroll along the Caledonian Canal today. Partially in the hopes that it would bring on labour, but also because I’ve missed our walks and I’ve wanted to walk along the canal for a long time now. Sadly baby did not decide to come out, but we had a thoroughly enjoyable walk past lots of beautiful trees with their colourful Autumnal leaves.

Day 275|365

Day 275
Settings – ISO 200, 50mm, f2.0, 1/400sec

I cut Jasper’s hair again! It’s definitely not the adorable teddy cut the professionals do, but it was definitely more successful this time than last time. Less bald spots. Not zero bald spots, but less bald spots. You can clearly see he loves it!

Day 274|365

Day 274.jpg
Settings – ISO 4000, 24mm, f2.8, 1/80sec

October is here! This is officially the month we will meet Baby Mac! Whether they come out early or two weeks late, they will definitely be here by the end of the month. Which is so surreal!

The midwife told me last week to get out for walks, bounce forward, right, back and left on my birthing ball, and squat sideways going down the stairs to help baby move further down…the thought of squatting sideways down the stairs terrifies me, so I’ll just go with walking and bouncing!

Now that we’re in October and within the two week window I want to sit on my birthing ball all day to try get this little one out! It certainly entertains Matthew and his Dad when they walk in and see me bouncing and swivelling my hips. They’re just jealous really.