Day 292|365

Day 292.jpg
Settings – ISO 2000, 24mm, f2.8, 1/200sec

Who doesn’t love a Family Churros Platter?? Definitely not Fin! Elsie surprisingly wasn’t keen on them, but the rest of us got stuck in without hesitation, as you can see.

Another lovely afternoon with the fam, once again including plenty of walking (with a reward of tasty treats half way through!), but no arrival of Baby Mac. I’ve been told, light heartedly, of course, that I’m clearly not walking enough or I need to get climbing the stairs, bouncing on my ball or eating spicy curry, and everyone’s asking on a daily basis if there’s any news of Baby Mac. Believe me, I’m doing the best I can! If there was a button I could push to get them out, I’d have pushed it weeks ago! However, Baby Mac will come out when the Lord has planned for them to join us. We just need to wait patiently! And, we will let you know!! It is really wonderful to know so many people care, and are excitedly awaiting the arrival of our little bundle. They are already so dearly loved, clearly!

Day 210|365

Day 210
Settings – ISO 1250, 50mm, f2.0, 1/200sec

Happy 8th Birthday, Finlay! Please stop growing up. But if you must continue to grow, please don’t ever stop accepting my hugs.

We were all quite tired after all the partying at Sarah and Ollie’s Engagement party last night so we had a chilled party at Mum’s for Fin’s birthday. Sarah made us a delicious lasagne and baked the birthday cake. Fin had just been outside playing football in the rain with his Dad, hence the crazy hair. Darcy was quite mesmerised by the candle…thankfully she didn’t try to lick the cake! Jasper was no doubt hiding behind a chair because my brother Ali was there and he’s still terrified of him…one year on.

Day 112|365

Day 112
Settings – ISO 400, 50mm, f1.8, 1/160sec

My nephew, Finlay, munching on mini cheddars and engrossed in a film he said he didn’t want to watch. Classic 7 year old! Just look at those eyelashes *swoon* It’s crazy how much love you can have for your nieces and nephews! Fingers crossed Baby Macleod is as cute as they are!

Also, Matthew sneaking in the background there…think all this blog attention has gone to his head and he’s going to try sneak in as much as possible now…heh heh heh.

Day 94|365

Day 94
Settings – ISO 160, 50mm, f2.5, 1/320sec

It’s so good having these guys in town for the week! Jasper had an appointment at the Groomers up in Cove at 12 o’clock so I dropped him off then headed down to the beach to join them for a game of bowling…which Sarah won, despite having to use her left hand because her right wrist is injured! Not only did she win, she got three strikes in a row. Bonkers! I rushed back up to Cove afterwards to collect Jasper, only to discover he wasn’t ready yet, because he was so matted it had taken the groomer longer to brush him out before clipping him *face palm* Here was me thinking I was doing a good job keeping on top of his brushing, apparently not! Think it might be time to start clipping him more regularly, and therefore clipping him myself; we already spend more money on his hair than we do on mine! Once he was done we headed to Duthie Park to meet this happy bunch for a cuppa, and more hugs! Jasper had to stay in the car because the cafe still isn’t dog friendly…