Day 271|365

Day 271.jpg
Settings – ISO 160, 50mm, f2.0, 1/250sec

Mum and I headed out to Beauly for a delicious lunch at Corner on the Square. I loved that they had a sign up saying “No, we don’t have WIFI, talk to each other”. We need a bit more of that these days! It was great to catch up with Mumsy, and weird to think that the next time we do that, God willing, there will be a squishy little baby in the pram beside us, or snuggled in our arms.

We popped in to a couple of shops after lunch. This photo was taken in the Old School Beauly, it’s like Aladdin’s cave; lots of different rooms filled with beautiful things. Once I start earning some pennies again, I look forward to spending some of them there!

Day 109|365

Day 109
Settings – ISO 100, 50mm, f1.2, 1/4000sec

Today was Iain’s last day on the island before heading back to work, and his first free afternoon of the week, having spent the last three and a bit days installing new internet to Eilean Fraoich Campsite (definitely worth checking out if you’re ever camping or touring the island with a Caravan or Campervan!). It was on one of Aalstje’s days off too so we were all able to go for lunch and a lovely stroll on round the Castle Grounds. Yay! We were not prepared for how warm it was and ended up carrying our jackets half way round. I spent the whole time swooning over how beautiful the castle grounds are, as usual, desperately wanting to arrange photo shoots in all the beautiful spots, and the others spent the whole time telling me to move here (Matthew would move up in a heartbeat)!

Jasper had a wonderful time, chasing his ball up hills, down hills, in to bushes, in to streams…and dropping his ball in to the river, resulting in Iain and Matthew clambering down on to rocks trying to catch it as it floats downstream. We’re very precious about our ChuckIt balls!

Day 63|365

Day 63.jpg
Settings – ISO 800, 50mm, f2.2, 1/200sec

We haven’t had a weekend at home with no plans since the middle of January, and with Matthew on call next weekend, then away the following weekend, it felt so good to have a lazy weekend snuggled up on the sofa, especially with all that snow outside! We got a Tesco meal deal for our lunch; lamb steaks, dauphinoise potatoes, millionaire desserts and a drink all for a tenner! To make it even better, Matthew prepared it all, and even cooked up some veggies for me. So good!

Day 53|365

Day 53.jpg
Settings – ISO 400, 50mm, f2.0, 1/125sec

I had a lovely catch up with my good friend, and fellow photographer, Rachael, at The Craftsman today. I’ve only been in twice, but I absolutely love it! Wooden floors, wooden benches, wooden table tops, wooden chairs, wood paneling on the walls, a brick wall, fairylights and blue everywhere! My favourite kind of interior decor! With their love for coffee and beer it’s also somewhere Matthew would love, so we should really check it out together one evening. Jasper can even come too, as they’re on the ever-growing list of Dog Friendly venues. So great!

Rachael and I met for brunch, but I was so hungry I completely forgot to take a photo of my delicious stack of bacon and eggs on toast. It was delicious! I really want to try one of those mighty big sandwiches they have too! Maybe next time I’ll get some more photos and do a full blog post to show how great the place is.

Day 50|365

Day 50
Settings- ISO 500, 50mm, f1.6, 1/250sec

I decided I wanted to make a delicious quinoa salad for my lunches at this start of the week, I wish I could say I was successful. It certainly looks good (albeit a little on the yellow side) in the photo, but this is a prime example of how looks can be deceiving! I actually feel a little sick looking at this photo now…I should really have tried the dressing before mixing it in! It was super vinegary and lemony…bleugh. Far too strong! I ate it for lunch and again at dinner, but when I tried it again the next day I couldn’t take it any more and the rest of the bowl got chucked. I hate wasting food, but there was no way I was going to be able to eat it. I tried adding salt to counteract the acidity, but that didn’t work. Maybe I should just have thrown it all in a sieve and rinsed it? Tips would be greatly appreciated! But I think in future I’ll just try the dressing before pouring it on top…

Day 48|365

Day 48
Settings – ISO 400, 50mm, f2.0, 1/160sec

We headed to Melt for a scrumptious late lunch this afternoon. If you’ve not checked it out yet, you must! Delicious grilled cheese toasties made from local produce. So yummy! Michelle was made redundant from the Oil & Gas Indsustry twice in one year so she decided to start up Melt, and now she’s an epic Boss Lady! I love these independent businesses that are popping up all over Aberdeen, especially when they’re dog friendly!

Day 23 | 365

Day 23.jpgSettings – ISO 10000(ooft), 50mm, f2.8, 1/160sec

Today I had probably the healthiest lunch I’ve ever had, at Foodstory, with a couple of the lovely girlies from my old work. For the month of January Foodstory are making the whole cafe 100 % plant based, so all hot drinks are being served with oat milk (other options available too) and the breakfast and lunches are all plant based. I had a decaf mocha, with oat milk (I miss my attempts at latte art!), and a vegan cheese and pesto wrap, with beetroot and celeriac quinoa salad…never thought I’d be typing that sentence! And as I type this I’m realising it’s lunch time and I’m hungry, be right back…

Okay, I’m back, with my actual cheese cheese sandwich, with no salad, and BBQ flavoured crisps *let’s get that monkey covering eyes emoji back out here*. The salad I had at Foodstory was seriously delicious, so I wish I had some of those things in our fridge right now…maybe for next week’s food shop I’ll stock up on a few of those goodies (right, Matthew?)

It was really lovely catching up with the girls. Hopefully see you again soon, ladies! Next time be prepared to have your picture taken by my huge camera…haha!