Day 227|365

Day 227.jpg
Settings – ISO 2500, 28mm, f2.8, 1/100sec

Second night eating out, this time with my wonderful Hubby and Mumsy *Happy face* as a farewell/birthday/catch up meal. Mum’s been away in Glasgow helping out with her parents, and Matthew and I have been away a couple weekends so we hadn’t seen each other properly for weeks. We went to one of our faves; Rusticos, and enjoyed a delicious meal while updating each other on life. I can’t believe that in a week I’ll be moving to a different city from my Mum for the first time in my life! Fingers crossed we’re able to find a house that has a nice Granny room for her.

Day 11 | 365

F75A0577-Edit.jpgSettings – ISO 1000, 50mm, f1.2, 1/200sec

Tonight I went to Ask Italian in Union Square, for the first time ever, with my wonderful friend Rachael. For years I’ve walked past, always loving the look of the place, but for some reason I thought it was a fancy, expensive restaurant so I’ve never been in. Turns out it’s really not that expensive (and we had a 50% off mains voucher, so it was even cheaper, double win!), and it’s even cuter when you get inside!

Matthew and I would love an outdoor seating area, in the future, when we get a lovely home in the countryside/beside the sea/loch/river/waterfall/fountain/pond/geyser, and this is pretty much how I’d style it, along with a fire pit, blankets and a wind breaker, because Scotland is not always ideal for relaxing outside.