Day 283|365

Day 283.jpg
Settings – ISO 8000, 35mm, f2.8, 1/125sec

Matts and I went out on a wee date tonight, to enjoy some time alone together before our world changes forever. We had two for one vouchers for the cinema, and for our meal, we were home by 9:45 and we watched The Apprentice in bed. We are wild! It was so nice to be out, just the two of us, for an evening of chat and laughter at the new Johnny English film. Which had some seriously predictable cringey moments, but also some genuine laugh out loud moments. Sadly not enough to break my waters.

This was my napkin at the restaurant and I thought it was the perfect photo for today’s blog post. Matthew is most definitely going to be one of those Dad’s that constantly tells bad jokes. He can’t wait. And I can’t wait to see him holding our little snuggle bug in his arms.

Day 280|365

Day 280
Settings – ISO 400, 53mm, f2.8, 1/250sec

Matthew’s folks have been out at their caravan in Nairn this week and they invited us out for Sunday lunch. Here’s Matthew having the time of his life. Heh heh heh. He was actually very relaxed, and stuffed from lunch, and aware I was taking a photo so trying to act natural. He’s not as bored as he looks.

As you can tell the decor of the caravan is right up my street! You’d think you’d walked in to our living room in Aberdeen (Sob. Still haven’t sold the flat), it was so bright, cosy and teal! Haha. It was really lovely to spend the afternoon by the sea, watching people pass by with their dogs (oh so many doggos!), and the boats in the harbour swaying in the wind.

Day 270|365

Day 270
Settings – ISO 160, 50mm, f2.0, 1/250sec

All the Airbnb guests have gone and Maggie is officially done for the year, so we can claim my favourite room in the house! Yay! This is where Matthew proposed, and I can’t wait to have family snuggles here soon. There will definitely be adorable photos of a little squisher in this spot, to accompany the engagement photos our Wedding Photographer Paula O’Hara took here two and a half years ago.

My Mum came up from Aberdeen this morning, and we bumped in to each other randomly at Simpsons Garden Centre whilst I was meeting a friend for lunch, and she was meeting her brother. Inverness is a small place! In the evening we went to the Theatre to see The Case of the Frightened Lady at Eden Court with Matthew’s Mum and my sister. It was lovely to have an evening with the ladies before baby comes along! *Spoiler Alert!* I’m actually quite surprised my waters didn’t break when we were shot at at the end of the play! Oh my lifey. We all jumped!

I knew who the killer was pretty early on, but there was definitely a curveball at the end. All in all an enjoyable performance!

Now that Matthew’s had his trip to London with work, and I’ve been on my theatre trip with the ladies, baby can come out whenever it wants to…preferably in the next couple days, while my Mum is already in town! Haha.

Day 266|365

Day 266
Settings – ISO 320, 35mm, f2.8, 1/200sec

Why the long face? Because I cut the hair on his head today so that he could see better! He now looks like a poodle again, with very fluffy legs…I really need to cut the rest of his hair now, to balance out his proportions.

Today the occasional pains returned, and the night before I potentially thought my waters had broken slightly…but it appears not. No, that doesn’t mean I peed myself. This baby has got us on the edge of our seat (or birthing ball…), I don’t think I can bear living in suspense like this for another 4 and a bit weeks, potentially!


Day 265|365

Day 265
Settings – ISO 320, 35mm, f2.8, 1/250sec

Today normal services resumed; my pains disappeared and there was no sign of Baby Mac making an appearance, so we ran a few errands, one of which is my favourite thing these days! Scan as you shop in Tesco! So. Much. Fun. You can tell Matthew feels the same.

In the evening we hung out with some friends, which involved many laughs and some pineapple…both good things which could potentially bring on labour, heh heh heh.

Sadly not.

Day 258|365

Day 258
Settings – ISO 640, 35mm, f3.5, 1/250sec

Matts and I went along to the Vintage Kilo Sale at the Ironworks this afternoon. He was a bit sceptical about what it was going to be like, but as I suspected, he left with more clothes than me!

I got a couple of dresses (one which doesn’t fit my bump right now, and another which is too big…harf. It’ll need to be taken in a bit, but I’m hoping it can be turned in to a nursing friendly dress for some of the weddings we have coming up!) and two wee scarves, he got 4 shirts and a flannel fleece!

I was surprised at how busy it was! There was definitely a lot more men’s clothes than women’s, but if we’d got tickets for the early bird entry that might have been different. It was definitely good fun, and if these dresses work out then we’ll definitely be checking it out again next time.

Day 252|365

Day 252
Settings – ISO 1000, 35mm, f2.8, 1/160sec

The hardcore followers out there will remember seeing Matthew in this lovely apron back at the start of the year. Well, now it’s back, and this time it’s steak making time, not duff! Look at the concentration on that face…and the multitasking going on; brocoli, potatoes and carrots, all bubbling away! Sure, I had to suggest he checks to see if they’re cooked yet on occasion, but he made vegetables and that’s wonderful!

Day 243|365

Day 243
Settings – ISO 100, 70mm, f2.8, 1/1600sec

Yay, Matts is home from his first week of work and the doggos are very excited! It’s crazy that he’s finished week one already, and I’m very thankful to say he’s enjoyed it. He spent the week doing training, but he’s enjoyed learning new things, and is looking forward to the work that he’ll be doing with all his new knowledge!

It still feels like we’re just on holiday here, because we’re staying with Matthew’s folks. There’s still the thought of “Oh, when do we need to drive back to Aberdeen?”, but that’s no longer the case. Well, I’m heading down there on Wednesday to do some bits n bobs, but that’s just for the day! In the evening I’ll be heading home to Inverness again. This move happened so fast we still can’t believe it’s actually happened!

We’ve had one viewing on the flat in two and a half weeks…to be honest I’m really surprised we haven’t had loads more interest! I was really expecting people wanting to view it instantly and getting a quick sale, because it’s in such a great location and it’s so bright and spacious. But, it’s all in the Lord’s hands, and he has a reason for the waiting, so we’ll trust in Him and take things as they come.

Day 240|365

Day 240.jpg
ISO 320, 35mm, f2.8, 1/320sec

I had planned on using Matthew as a tripod, while I modelled our lovely new pram, but he came out and set straight to modelling so perfectly I decided I had to use one of these images! Doesn’t he make a good-looking Dada?

Today was very exciting as our Baby Box arrived, and we unboxed our pram which has been waiting in Matthew’s parents garage for a couple of weeks, waiting for our arrival. I patiently waited (napped for two hours) for Matthew to get home, instead of opening it all myself! Then we had lots of “Aww” moments, lifting out the various sizes of baby clothes and books, and assembling our cute Cosatto pram. It’s definitely all feeling real now!

I’ve been rather emotional this week, whenever I look at Matthew. This has been a big year for us! Deciding to try for a baby, and getting pregnant much sooner than we expected (much to our delight!), Matthew coming round to the idea of moving to Inverness so looking for jobs up here, to then be approached by an agency saying they have a job they think would be suitable for him in Inverness (and basically being offered the job without an actual Interview!), putting our flat on the market, saying “see you later!” to friends and family in Aberdeen and moving in with Matthew’s parents here in Inverness, finishing his old job and starting his new job in the space of a weekend! There’s been a lot going on, and he has taken everything in his stride! He has worked so hard and has transitioned to our new life in Inverness so smoothly; heading off to his new job on Monday morning as if he’d already been doing it for months! I’m incredibly proud of him for providing for our growing family, and it just makes me rather emotional thinking about how wonderful he is! He was a brave guy, asking me out five and a half years ago, not having a clue this was where his life would lead.

I do feel bad that I’ve only had the occasional job this year, and it’s all been on him to bring home the pennies. I miss working! But I am very excited for my new job to start in around six weeks time! Be prepared for many newborn photos to be flooding my Instagram feed…