Day 294|365

Day 294
Settings – ISO 1600, 35mm, f2.8, 1/200sec

Today I bring to you another episode of Matthew Bakes. My sweet tooth is intense these days and if I bake then I eat it all, so I’ve been restraining myself the past couple weeks. It’s not often Matthew gets a sweet tooth, but today it struck him, and he asked if we could bake *yay!* We were slightly restricted by the ingredients we had in, but a good sponge cake doesn’t require anything fancy so we made a simple coffee cake. I sat and read the instructions and Matthew did all the work. It was wonderful!

The funny thing is we didn’t actually eat any of it until about 8pm, 5/6 hours after his sweet tooth struck…I don’t think he even ate anything sweet while we baked. I on the other hand sampled plenty of the butter icing…

Day 267|365

Day 267
Settings – ISO 100, 50mm (24-70mm lens), f3.5, 1/250sec

Another eventful day, with a trip to Ward 9A. They’re a lovely, caring bunch here at Raigmore! When we were in on Friday night they mentioned calling me today to arrange another ultrasound, to make sure Baby Mac’s living quarters were comfortable. Sure enough, while my midwife was in for a visit to finalise my notes after my transition from Aberdeen to Inverness, I got a call from the hospital and an appointment was arranged for this afternoon.

I told Matts to stay at work, as I was happy that Baby Mac was fine, and this was just a routine check after the movements reducing on Friday night, and headed to the hospital myself. The Sonographer was checking the fluid levels around baby and making sure the umbilical cord had a good flow. All was well! I was then sent down to Ward 9A for the scan to be checked over…which resulted in another hour of waiting, not sure what exactly I was waiting for. Eventually a Doctor appeared and later came out to chat to me, and informed me I’d need to come back in a couple of days for another scan, as the Sonographer didn’t take growth measurements, which I’m told is another routine check when there’s been concerns a baby’s movements have reduced.

Baby Mac’s movements have well and truly been back to normal since Friday night, so I’m no longer concerned, and I certainly feel like they’re growing just fine! But it is wonderful to know the staff at Raigmore are looking out for me and the baby and doing all they can to make sure they come out fit and healthy!

After my afternoon trip to the hospital I sat down with a coffee and my homemade Millionaire’s Shortbread and filled out my birth plan. That was a hoot! Who knows if it will go to plan or not…I think the good thing is I’m pretty chilled about it, and just want to do whatever is best for Baby Mac!


Day 246|365

Day 246.jpg
Settings – ISO 1250, 50mm, f2.8, 1/125sec

I spotted Mary Berry’s Foolproof Cooking in the kitchen today and decided to make myself useful and offer to make dinner! Baby really like the sound of the Chicken and Bacon Lattice Pie so I kept going back to it, despite the faff in the recipe of cooking the chicken thighs, letting them chill, then cooking the sauce and letting it chill and then putting it all in the oven. Ain’t nobody got time for that! It took me an hour and a half as it was to get it all done! But it didn’t ever feel like a huge amount of effort…I’d just do things a little differently next time. I’d probably use chicken breasts, or a slow cooked chicken.

It was totally worth the time it took though, it was delicious! Even if I do say so myself. I love a good pie with puff pastry, and I love that Mary Berry didn’t expect me to make my own puff pastry! I also made her garlic crushed new potatoes…mmmm mm mmm! I’m definitely going to be making both of those again.

Day 120|365

Day 121
Settings – ISO 100, 50mm, f1.6, 1/200sec

I’ve wanted to get back to making homemade fruit smoothies so I stocked up on fresh and frozen fruits last week and this morning I blitzed banana, apple, raspberries and fresh orange juice to have with my brekkie. It was delicious! Such a shame my stomach decided it didn’t want to keep anything down all day.

Day 74|365

Day 74
Settings – ISO 250, 50mm, f1.2, 1/125sec

I made sticky toffee pudding for the first time today, to send off to the Free Church Youth Conference. Super easy to make! Kind of tempted to do it more often now…but I’m not overly obsessed with sticky toffee pudding. That’s usually because it can be too dry, and I need an equal amount of ice cream to get through it, but homemade baking is always better so perhaps I’ll add it to my repertoire.