Day 294|365

Day 294
Settings – ISO 1600, 35mm, f2.8, 1/200sec

Today I bring to you another episode of Matthew Bakes. My sweet tooth is intense these days and if I bake then I eat it all, so I’ve been restraining myself the past couple weeks. It’s not often Matthew gets a sweet tooth, but today it struck him, and he asked if we could bake *yay!* We were slightly restricted by the ingredients we had in, but a good sponge cake doesn’t require anything fancy so we made a simple coffee cake. I sat and read the instructions and Matthew did all the work. It was wonderful!

The funny thing is we didn’t actually eat any of it until about 8pm, 5/6 hours after his sweet tooth struck…I don’t think he even ate anything sweet while we baked. I on the other hand sampled plenty of the butter icing…

Day 254|365

Day 254
Settings – ISO 100, 50mm, f2.8, 1/200sec

The Bake Off contestants made tear and share Chelsea Buns tonight, and I made Mary Berry’s tear and share Garlic and Cheese Scones to accompany our risotto at dinner!

Matthew’s folks are away for the night so we took the opportunity to pretend we owned the place and had Sarah, Dave and the kiddos round for the evening, along with Darcy (have I mentioned we’re currently dog sitting for a friend for two weeks so there are now three dogs in the house? No? Well, it’s a barrel of laughs! Tilly is actually very chilled out and loveable, but she stares at you with the most powerful eyes whenever you’re preparing or eating food and it’s really quite off putting! Haha). It was a bit of a mad house with dogs running riot, barking at non-existent things, or gerbils, trailing grass cuttings in to the house…I’m gonna need to get the Hoover out later…and Elsie following me around with her Doctor’s kit wanting to help me have the baby (#CUTE). But it was really lovely feeling like we had our own place and could be hosts, without stepping on Calum and Maggie’s toes!

Day 253|365

Day 253.jpg
Settings – ISO 400, 50mm, f3.2, 1/200sec

We’ve had a bunch of overripe bananas stinking out the pantry, sorry, food cupboard, for a week now and today I finally turned them in to scrumptious banana loaves! Yum! With a few visitors popping in this afternoon (and me being a greedy pregnant woman who had three slices) the little one didn’t last long, and the big one doesn’t have much left.

Usually I cream the sugar and eggs together before adding in the rest of the ingredients, but I had a bit of a blonde moment and put the flour in with the eggs, so everything got bunged in together and whazzed up all at once. Guess what…it made absolutely no difference whatsoever! Ha. So in future I think I’ll just do it that way, no matter how mesmerizing it is watching the sugar and eggs become light and creamy.

Day 236|365

Day 236
Settings – ISO 400, 35mm, f2.8, 1/80sec

I thought yesterday was my last baking session before we move out of our lovely first home, but today I ended up making cookies. One final messy bake! One minute I was laying on the sofa, not feeling overly spiffing, and the next my mind was overrun with thoughts of cookies (and we still had ingredients left for them too!) so I hopped up (HA! More like slowly rolled off the sofa…) and headed for the kitchen.

Always remember to chill your cookie dough before you bake it! Usually I pop it in the fridge overnight, but today I just left it in for a couple hours.


Day 235
Settings – ISO 200, 50mm, f2.8, 1/125sec

I had a craving for coffee cake after seeing a photo of one on Instagram, and we have plenty baking ingredients to use up before we go on Saturday, so I made Mary Berry’s Cappuccino Cake, with chocolate icing instead of coffee for more of a mocha taste. Could definitely have done with more butter icing…but that’s just cause I loooooove butter icing!

What’s amazing is that I only ate two slices of it; I gave a few slices to our neighbours and then Matthew took half to work for his final day. You should be impressed at my sharing skills.

Day 85|365

Day 85.jpg
Settings – ISO 400, 50mm, f2.0, 1/160sec

When you’ve got four very black bananas in your fruit bowl, you make banana loaf! Mmm mm. When you’re trying to get rid of the stragglers from the Christmas Celebration box, you add chunks of galaxy chocolate in there too. Yuuuum! Matthew took one in to work, as there was no way we’d eat them both, and I’m very pleased to hear it was very well received. Should’ve taken the other one too, as we haven’t even finished it!

This is the recipe I use –

I never bother with the icing or dried bananas on top…maybe next time!

Day 82|365

Day 82.jpg
Settings – ISO 320, 50mm, f1.2, 1/250sec

Yet another hectic day (there’s been a theme this week)! I had a wonderful breakfast catch up with my friend Cassia who’s finally back in the country after 5 months in the States, then ran some more errands, then headed home to quickly throw together some chocolate crispy easter nests for our Teens event in the evening. My wonderful Mother and Aunt Anne came to pick up Jasper to look after him while Matthew and I are in Edinburgh for the day, then when Matthew got home from work we headed off to Church to set up the Easter Hunt for our Teens (and eat Dominoes) with John! We hid 60 tiny chicks all over our Church and set the Teens the task of hunting down 10 of their colour…I thought it would take them 10/15 minutes, but it took over an hour! Turns out we’re pretty good at hiding things, and Teens aren’t very observant…heh heh heh.