Day 293|365

Day 293
Settings – ISO 400, 63mm, f2.8, 1/200sec

I had a slight hormonal meltdown this morning, resulting in lots of tears…I felt incredibly silly at the time, but afterwards I felt wonderful!

It’s okay to cry, because sometimes you bottle things up for too long and you just need to let it out, and the weight off your mind afterwards is great. It’s been quite a crazy few months for us, moving cities very quickly, Matthew starting a new job, trying to sell our flat, moving in with Matthew’s parents, coming to the end of my pregnancy and being so sure Baby Mac was coming early but now being very overdue! There is a lot going on in my mind, but at the same time, I’m just sitting, waiting for Baby Mac to arrive and turn our world upside down even more. Haha.

However, these are all wonderful things to experience! There have been times I’ve felt like crying over the weeks, but I really didn’t want to come across as ungrateful, as we are incredibly fortunate to be living the life we are living. We are surrounded by great support, and God willing we will be snuggling our first baby by the end of the week. But, again, it’s okay to cry! Because hormones, and emotions, can’t always be controlled, and sometimes you just need to let it out! Just try to rationalise those emotions, because a lot of the time things really aren’t as bad as you think they are, it’s all just piled up and overwhelming your mind. Does that make sense?

Post meltdown Matthew and I headed out for a beautiful Autumnal drive to Cromarty, took a stroll around the adorable village that we fall in love with every time we visit, enjoyed coffee and tasty treats in Coupers Creek, and breathed in the delicious sea air. I put a phone snap almost identical to this on Instagram last year, but I just love this view, and it’s different every season, so I couldn’t resist taking a photo for the blog. We’ll need to go back with Baby Mac when the snow comes…that’ll be a fun drive!

Day 279|365

Day 279.jpg
Settings – ISO 100, 70mm, f4.5, 1/800sec

Another sunny day, another lovely dog walk! We met friends for coffee and cake up at Culloden Battlefield, as I recently discovered that Bad Girl Bakery supplies their cakes! This was actually my second time there this week! The first visit certainly wasn’t dog walking weather though, unless you were wearing a fully waterproof hooded onesie and wellies, which I was not.

Matthew and I have been watching Outlander on Amazon Prime since we moved up. I’m quite ashamed to say I had no idea how significant the Battle of Culloden was…Matthew has told me facts about it throughout our time together, but it wasn’t until we started watching Outlander that I realised how big a deal it was…Oops. I really need to get the history books out!

Day 272|365

Day 272
Settings – ISO 160, 44mm, f2.8, 1/640sec

Today was Mum’s last day in Inverness so we went on a wee adventure to Culbin Forest, down near Brodie, on Mum’s route back to Aberdeen. Matthew and his Dad were down in Aberdeen for the day to grab a few more bits n bobs from the flat, so he missed out on the fun, but it’s a very pram friendly place so we will definitely be going back there for walks once baby comes long. There are so many different walking routes, and various ponds scattered about, as well as access to the beach (which we didn’t quite reach), so I don’t imagine you’d get bored even if you walked there every week!

It was sad to see Mum turning left, back to Aberdeen, as we turned right to Inverness. Still feels a bit surreal that we live here now! But Aberdeen isn’t far away, so we’ll see each other plenty once Baby Mac decides to grace us with their presence.

Day 271|365

Day 271.jpg
Settings – ISO 160, 50mm, f2.0, 1/250sec

Mum and I headed out to Beauly for a delicious lunch at Corner on the Square. I loved that they had a sign up saying “No, we don’t have WIFI, talk to each other”. We need a bit more of that these days! It was great to catch up with Mumsy, and weird to think that the next time we do that, God willing, there will be a squishy little baby in the pram beside us, or snuggled in our arms.

We popped in to a couple of shops after lunch. This photo was taken in the Old School Beauly, it’s like Aladdin’s cave; lots of different rooms filled with beautiful things. Once I start earning some pennies again, I look forward to spending some of them there!

Day 269|365

Day 269
Setings – ISO 800, 50mm, f2.0, 1/30sec

I headed in to the hospital for my growth scan this morning. Another nightmare time trying to find a parking space, in the end I just had to abandon it in a non space, behind someone else, at the end of a row. There was still plenty space for others to get by, but it still felt a bit cheeky! It’s ridiculous how bad the parking is at Raigmore.

The growth scan went well. Hooray! Baby Mac is measuring just above the 50th percentile, and appears to have a pleasant amount of chub on them. It was wonderful seeing their little pouty lips suckling and practicing breathing. Still hard to believe we’re going to meet them in a matter of weeks/days, and our lives will officially change forever!

When I popped down to my regular hang out spot these days, Ward 9A, I was asked how movements had been in the last couple days. I mentioned Baby Mac hadn’t been dancing as often as usual yesterday, so they hooked me up to the CTG again to have a look. The Doctor came to look over my scan and ask a few questions. Everything looked good, and after a couple of biscuits baby was wiggling away, loving life, and the CTG picked up some Braxton Hicks, so they were happy with how things were looking. However, she said if I noticed that movements were still reduced throughout the day to let them know. They’d then get me back in to have another look, and discuss the option of being induced. That was an exciting prospect; getting to meet Baby Mac and being able to physically see them breathing and moving, and therefore know they’re ok, instead of being hypersensitive about their movements each hour. I have since discovered that being induced does not make for a very pleasant labour, as pleasant as labour can be…your contractions go from 0-100 rather than building up slowly, you’re more likely to be hooked up for monitoring or request an epidural, restricting your ability to move around the room in to more comfortable positions, or get in the birthing pool. Sob. But, if it’s the best thing for the baby, then of course we’ll do whatever it takes! So, we’ll see how lively Baby Mac is over the next few days.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot to mention the absolutely wonderful bath I had this evening! I am loving being in a house with a bath again. This is the first bath I’ve had at night in a long time, so I took full advantage and grabbed as many candles as I could to create a nice relaxed atmosphere, and put on some hypnobirthing music. I admit I had to change the album quite a few times before I found something that was relaxing for me, not just airy fairy, space music! Sounds of flowing water are best for me, not surprisingly. So when the time comes, we’ll just put on the sound of lapping waves, and pretend I’m giving birth on a beach. I haven’t tried to find hypnobirthing music with someone speaking over it, instructing me how to breathe, etc. I feel that might be a bit too out there for me…but perhaps I should give it a try before I knock it. I might be thankful I did!

Day 268|365

Day 268.jpg
Settings – ISO 100, 63mm, f22, 1/6sec

It was a tad windy today…I went outside for a grant total of about 4 minutes, to take some photos of the swooshing trees. The rest of the day was spent pottering about the house doing various bits n bobs, enjoying being sheltered from the wild weather, and probably eating far too many tasty treats.

Day 258|365

Day 258
Settings – ISO 640, 35mm, f3.5, 1/250sec

Matts and I went along to the Vintage Kilo Sale at the Ironworks this afternoon. He was a bit sceptical about what it was going to be like, but as I suspected, he left with more clothes than me!

I got a couple of dresses (one which doesn’t fit my bump right now, and another which is too big…harf. It’ll need to be taken in a bit, but I’m hoping it can be turned in to a nursing friendly dress for some of the weddings we have coming up!) and two wee scarves, he got 4 shirts and a flannel fleece!

I was surprised at how busy it was! There was definitely a lot more men’s clothes than women’s, but if we’d got tickets for the early bird entry that might have been different. It was definitely good fun, and if these dresses work out then we’ll definitely be checking it out again next time.

Day 244|365

Day 244.jpg
Settings – ISO 100, 39mm, f2.8, 1/800sec

Calum and Maggie are away for the weekend, and Matthew headed off to Edinburgh today for his first Youth Conference Committee meeting, so Bindi had the pleasure of spending the day with Jasper and me!

We headed round to the Morrison’s in the afternoon and took a road trip up to Falls of Shin to see the salmon jumping, and have a scrumptious piece of cake and a coffee in their cafe. Elsie was super excited that Bindi was coming along for the adventure! She loves her, probably because she’s so calm and fluffy and is like a little Ewok Princess dog. Bindi may look a bit grumpy, but she was having a great time, I assure you…Perhaps not when she was stuck in the boot with the top Canine Wrestlers of the world, Darcy and Jasper, but she enjoyed her walk and snuggles, and we made sure the other two saved their wrestling match for the back garden.

Alasdair & Laura

Matthew and I were heading up to Inverness for the weekend a couple of weeks ago, with no plans other than seeing family and friends, so I got in touch with my friend Laura to see if her and her husband were up for getting in front of my camera in the Highland wilderness. I’m happy to say they were keen so on Sunday afternoon we headed out to Beauly where they picked us up and drove us up in to the hills, to Mullardoch. They’d been there two weeks previously, when it was covered in snow, and the photos looked amazing, so I was excited to see it, and it did not disappoint! With snow still on the hills, dear roaming free, rivers flowing in to lochs and beautiful trees scattered about, it was a photographers dream! The only disappointment was the rain…but, it’s Scotland, so what did I expect?

We had a great time catching up with Laura and Al and seeing more of the beautiful Highlands. Alasdair is a self employed Camera Man & Director so it was great to talk  about life behind the camera and being your own boss!

I hope you enjoy these images of Alasdair and Laura and their beautiful relationship. Thanks for braving the rain, Laura and Al, and stepping in front of my camera 🙂




Day 28|365

Day 28
Settings – ISO 400, 50mm, f2.8, 1/250sec

I am a few days behind on the blog posts! Had a wee panic this morning thinking “What was Monday’s photo?? Did I take a photo yesterday?”, all the days are blurring in to one this week, but it’s all good, all days are accounted for.

After Church on Sunday we met up with friends Alasdair and Laura for a photo adventure, they took us up to a place in the middle of nowhere, in typically Scottish weather, and I took some photos of them. Eeek! I expected to use one of those images for today’s blog photo, but I’m going to keep you in suspense for those ones, and instead you’re getting my Beau and our fluff ball.

I absolutely loved this location; up in the hills, along a windy single track road, it was pretty much deserted, apart from a lodge at the dam and a few houses, dear roaming the hills, a gentle stream, lochs and a fast flowing river, and beautiful trees dotted around. Ugh, I loved it! We’re definitely going back.

Keep an eye out for the blog post with photos of Laura and Al in this epic location!