Day 208|365

Day 208.jpg
Settings – ISO 1250, 24mm, f2.8, 1/250sec

HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY, indeed! Who doesn’t love licking the spoon when you’re making brownies?! Mmm mmmm mm! We made brownies for 60 people this afternoon in preparation for our beautiful cousin’s engagement party tomorrow. We may have cut off some of the edges and kept them for ourselves…quality over quantity!

Day 131|365

Day 131
Settings – ISO 4000, 50mm, f2.8, 1/200sec

Wowee, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do! This day feels like forever ago…

I headed down to Edinburgh on the train this afternoon to go to Chris and Katherine’s Wedding Rehearsal, and then photograph the Edinburgh Theological Seminary’s end of year Awards Ceremony.

This Happy Chappy is the Principal of ETS, the father of one of my oldest and best friends, our first minister when we moved to Aberdeen almost 20 years ago and when my Dad passed away in 2001. He married my sister and her husband 11 years ago and he married Matthew and I back in 2016. He’s been there for all the big occasions and definitely deserves a bit of limelight on the blog. Just look at that smile!

Day 104|365

Day 104
Settings – ISO 100, 35mm, f3.5, 1/2000sec

We’re in Lewis!! Yay! This guy couldn’t be any happier right now! I am incredibly thankful for a smooth and beautiful crossing, and incredible weather so far. Fingers crossed it continues, and we can get a nice wee Barbie on the beach (with some scarves and hoodies cause it’s probably still going to be windy!).

Day 95|365

Day 95.jpg
Settings – ISO 160, 50mm, f2.5, 1/3200sec

Matthew and I had another trip to Aberdeen Maternity Hospital this morning, for our second attempt at a dating scan, to find out how far along Baby Macleod is. Our first scan, last Friday, was incredibly emotional; seeing Mini Mercleod moving around for the first time, but the little nugget was very stubborn and settled in to quite the snuggly position, making it difficult for the Sonographer to get proper measurements.

Firstly, my bladder was TOO FULL, so I had to go pee (calm down, everybody pees!). Then she asked me to jump up and down, to try get them moving, but that didn’t work, so she then sent us off to the cafe to have something sweet, but then, of course, my bladder was empty and that meant my bowels were in the way of the ultrasound (you’re welcome!).

So we were given an appointment for this morning to try again, and thankfully Matthew was able to get the morning off work. I drank some water and ate a Freddo bar before heading to the hospital (lucky baby!), but the little squid was still too keen for snuggles! This time the Sonographer got my to plant my feet on the bed, raise my hips and wiggle side to side. I didn’t realise ultrasounds included a morning workout each time! That didn’t do the trick (we have one snuggly baby, just like it’s Mama!) so next I tried lying on my side and it was quite funny seeing the little munchkin shift position, as if it had just rolled out of bed, ready to start the day! But then it just kicked back in it’s recliner, one hand in the mouth and the other behind their head. I hope it’s this chilled in 6 months time!

We got a much better selection of scan images this time round, and it was wonderful to see their little heart beating away again…now we just have to wait 8 weeks until next time!

But, enough about that! After our scan Matthew headed off to work and I headed down to Stonehaven for another wonderful afternoon with the beautiful blonde in the photo, and her family. It was such a lovely, warm, day! Perfect for a trip to the beach and a cheeky wee ice-cream. The oldies sat in the sunshine as the kids and the doggos ran free on the beach, throwing sticks and stones, and complaining about wet sandy feet. Classic beach trip! Jasper’s beautiful freshly groomed coat no longer smelt fresh and wonderful and instead smelt like smelly fish water. Haha, okay, it didn’t actually, thankfully. It’s a big relief to have his hair short again, making our upcoming trip to Lewis and all the beautiful beaches a lot more bearable with a dog!

Day 94|365

Day 94
Settings – ISO 160, 50mm, f2.5, 1/320sec

It’s so good having these guys in town for the week! Jasper had an appointment at the Groomers up in Cove at 12 o’clock so I dropped him off then headed down to the beach to join them for a game of bowling…which Sarah won, despite having to use her left hand because her right wrist is injured! Not only did she win, she got three strikes in a row. Bonkers! I rushed back up to Cove afterwards to collect Jasper, only to discover he wasn’t ready yet, because he was so matted it had taken the groomer longer to brush him out before clipping him *face palm* Here was me thinking I was doing a good job keeping on top of his brushing, apparently not! Think it might be time to start clipping him more regularly, and therefore clipping him myself; we already spend more money on his hair than we do on mine! Once he was done we headed to Duthie Park to meet this happy bunch for a cuppa, and more hugs! Jasper had to stay in the car because the cafe still isn’t dog friendly…

Day 72|365

Day 72.jpg
Settings – ISO 100, 50mm, f2.5, 1/200sec

It’s been quite a few weeks since Jasper and I have been on a new walk adventure, so this morning I bundled him in to the car and headed for Crathes Castle. I’ve been there countless times, but usually to the walled garden, the cafe or just a stroll around the castle itself, never round the forest walks. I really shouldn’t be surprised anymore, about how amazing these forest walks turn out to be! They keep getting better and better.

We did the red track, from west to east, and I almost stopped half way and just cut back down the main road that leads up to the castle, but boy am I glad I didn’t, as we ended up walking by the river, and along boardwalk across the river! The moment I hear flowing water, I’m won over! I love being near water. Throw in the added excitement of boardwalks over flooded marshes and I’m extra happy! Once again, discovering fantastic locations for photo shoots…just need to get the website up and running and get word out there that I am taking bookings again…maybe this week!

Day 71|365

Day 71.jpg
Settings – ISO 2500, 50mm, f2.5, 1/160sec

It’s funny how some days I do absolutely nothing and wonder what I’m going to take a photo of, and other days I do loads and completely forget to take a photo…this photo was taken around 8pm, on a catch up date with some of my College Girlies. We had a delicious dinner and then a delicious, decaf, beverage at Starbucks for dessert! Wild Monday night!

It always blows my mind when months go by between our catch ups, but it only feels like it’s been a few weeks since we last saw each other. Time is moving crazy fast! I’m very thankful for these friendships. I remember being so nervous to go to College…10 years (that can’t be right…surely it’s not been 10 years??) ago, worried I wouldn’t make any friends, because I wasn’t a party girl and much preferred drinking tea and eating a slice of cake, or two, that’s as wild as I got. It was most definitely an answer to prayer when I became friends with 4 lovely ladies, who also liked cake!

Day 70|365

Day 70.jpg
Settings – ISO 2500, 50mm, f2.8, 1/160sec

Happy Mother’s Day to this wonderful woman! We had Mum, Ali and Lena round for a delicious (if I do say so myself) roast beef dinner to celebrate Mum, and she ended up doing the dishes before and after lunch…she just can’t help herself.

I’m very thankful for all that my Mumsy has done for me over the last 28 (and 3/4) years so it is nice to repay her in even the smallest of ways, like a nice dinner with (half) the family, and a random plant from Marks & Spencer’s. Love you, Mumsy! Please can you look after Jasper next weekend?

Day 69|365

Day 69.jpg
Settings – ISO 2500, 50mm, f1.8, 1/125sec

We had a very chilled Saturday night, consisting of Indian Takeaway and GTA 5 with Iain, and then binge watching the final episodes of Stranger Things Season 1 when Iain headed back to his ship. It was a good night!

Day 68|365

Day 68
Settings – ISO 1000, 50mm, f2.8, 1/200sec

Friday night was Bon Accord Teens Bake Off Round Two! A few months back we split them in to two teams and set them the task of creating the perfect Mary Berry Victoria Sponge…it went surprisingly well, apart from one team forgetting to add butter to their mix. This time they were split in to three teams and challenged to make a swiss roll, and what a hilarious time it was! They all did a really good job. Sadly team one were at a disadvantage as we were using our Church kitchen and the oven took longer to heat up than anticipated, so their swiss roll was definitely the flattest of the bunch…sorry guys! Apart from that it was all a great success! And what’s better, we got them to do all the tidying up afterwards too! Woohoo!