Day 240|365

Day 240.jpg
ISO 320, 35mm, f2.8, 1/320sec

I had planned on using Matthew as a tripod, while I modelled our lovely new pram, but he came out and set straight to modelling so perfectly I decided I had to use one of these images! Doesn’t he make a good-looking Dada?

Today was very exciting as our Baby Box arrived, and we unboxed our pram which has been waiting in Matthew’s parents garage for a couple of weeks, waiting for our arrival. I patiently waited (napped for two hours) for Matthew to get home, instead of opening it all myself! Then we had lots of “Aww” moments, lifting out the various sizes of baby clothes and books, and assembling our cute Cosatto pram. It’s definitely all feeling real now!

I’ve been rather emotional this week, whenever I look at Matthew. This has been a big year for us! Deciding to try for a baby, and getting pregnant much sooner than we expected (much to our delight!), Matthew coming round to the idea of moving to Inverness so looking for jobs up here, to then be approached by an agency saying they have a job they think would be suitable for him in Inverness (and basically being offered the job without an actual Interview!), putting our flat on the market, saying “see you later!” to friends and family in Aberdeen and moving in with Matthew’s parents here in Inverness, finishing his old job and starting his new job in the space of a weekend! There’s been a lot going on, and he has taken everything in his stride! He has worked so hard and has transitioned to our new life in Inverness so smoothly; heading off to his new job on Monday morning as if he’d already been doing it for months! I’m incredibly proud of him for providing for our growing family, and it just makes me rather emotional thinking about how wonderful he is! He was a brave guy, asking me out five and a half years ago, not having a clue this was where his life would lead.

I do feel bad that I’ve only had the occasional job this year, and it’s all been on him to bring home the pennies. I miss working! But I am very excited for my new job to start in around six weeks time! Be prepared for many newborn photos to be flooding my Instagram feed…

Day 132|365

Day 132
Settings – ISO 100, 47mm, f2.8, 1/320sec

What a special day!! I love photographing weddings, they make me so happy, and when it’s a friend’s wedding it makes me even happier and feels incredibly special; knowing that they have found someone to love and cherish them for the rest of their lives. It’s a huge privilege being trusted to capture all the moments from the biggest day of a couples life so far.

Chris and Katherine are two incredibly loving people, with great concern for the wellbeing of others! I know that sometimes it’s just not possible to get round every single one of your wedding guests and helpers on the day, but Katherine made it her mission to try her best, not wanting to miss anyone out, making sure everyone knew how thankful she was that they were able to join them on the day. I almost had to tear her away so we still had time for formal portraits!

This was my first Edinburgh wedding with the reception in the city centre instead of the outskirts, and what a view it had! It was incredible being so close to the castle and watching the sunset light hit the side of it walls. A great backdrop for a few more portraits!

Day 115|365

Day 115.jpg
Settings – ISO 400, 50mm, f1.8, 1/640sec

I spotted these tulips on my way in to LIDL’s, £1.89 a bunch, so I couldn’t resist getting a few to scatter around the flat. Love love love. If anyone knows where I can get realistic fake tulips please let me know, so I can have them in the flat all year round!