Day 122|365

Day 122.jpg
Settings – ISO 100, 50mm, f2.0, 1/3200sec

We’re back on track! I walk round Duthie Park most days, sometimes twice a day, but there’s a small area that I’ve never explored, until today! Jasper often runs up the small hill that this lovely rock garden is on, but I only just realised that there are little pathways amongst it for you to wander around. It was lovely! Jasper wasn’t impressed that I had stopped to photograph this sweet blue flower (which my Mother will no doubt tell me the name of…), instead of throwing the ball for him. It was a pleasant change to our routine walk!


Day 98|365

Day 98.jpg
Settings – ISO 100, 50mm, f1.6, 1/125sec

Like yesterday’s photo, this shot is very like an image I took earlier in the year. I’m just surprised at how much pink I was wearing today! And wanted to show you my lovely muddy feet as a result of taking Jasper to the park straight after church. If his ball is involved, he’s got no qualms about stomping all over you to try return or retrieve it. Well, let’s face it, he stomps all over you for many reasons, usually I’m happy to let him, if it’s for mud free snuggles!

Day 94|365

Day 94
Settings – ISO 160, 50mm, f2.5, 1/320sec

It’s so good having these guys in town for the week! Jasper had an appointment at the Groomers up in Cove at 12 o’clock so I dropped him off then headed down to the beach to join them for a game of bowling…which Sarah won, despite having to use her left hand because her right wrist is injured! Not only did she win, she got three strikes in a row. Bonkers! I rushed back up to Cove afterwards to collect Jasper, only to discover he wasn’t ready yet, because he was so matted it had taken the groomer longer to brush him out before clipping him *face palm* Here was me thinking I was doing a good job keeping on top of his brushing, apparently not! Think it might be time to start clipping him more regularly, and therefore clipping him myself; we already spend more money on his hair than we do on mine! Once he was done we headed to Duthie Park to meet this happy bunch for a cuppa, and more hugs! Jasper had to stay in the car because the cafe still isn’t dog friendly…

Day 38|365

Day 38
Settings – ISO 100, 50mm, f1.2, 1/500sec

We went back to our usual walk around the park today, losing yet another Chuck It ball to the pond in the process…it was iced over so just went skiting across to the middle, but the ice wasn’t thick enough for Jasper to walk across and get it, despite trying many times. He really does love those balls! Hopefully it’ll be warmer tomorrow and it will have floated to a more accessible spot. Probably not.

Anyway, I love that this project forces me to find beauty in the every day locations I’m in when I can’t go explore new locations. This is the wall lining the old railway line, just down from where we join it. I love ivy! I also love adding depth with a nice wall…if you hadn’t noticed already this week.