Day 294|365

Day 294
Settings – ISO 1600, 35mm, f2.8, 1/200sec

Today I bring to you another episode of Matthew Bakes. My sweet tooth is intense these days and if I bake then I eat it all, so I’ve been restraining myself the past couple weeks. It’s not often Matthew gets a sweet tooth, but today it struck him, and he asked if we could bake *yay!* We were slightly restricted by the ingredients we had in, but a good sponge cake doesn’t require anything fancy so we made a simple coffee cake. I sat and read the instructions and Matthew did all the work. It was wonderful!

The funny thing is we didn’t actually eat any of it until about 8pm, 5/6 hours after his sweet tooth struck…I don’t think he even ate anything sweet while we baked. I on the other hand sampled plenty of the butter icing…


Day 235
Settings – ISO 200, 50mm, f2.8, 1/125sec

I had a craving for coffee cake after seeing a photo of one on Instagram, and we have plenty baking ingredients to use up before we go on Saturday, so I made Mary Berry’s Cappuccino Cake, with chocolate icing instead of coffee for more of a mocha taste. Could definitely have done with more butter icing…but that’s just cause I loooooove butter icing!

What’s amazing is that I only ate two slices of it; I gave a few slices to our neighbours and then Matthew took half to work for his final day. You should be impressed at my sharing skills.