Day 167|365

Day 167
Settings – ISO 800, 50mm, f2.51/250sec

Ice cream once in a weekend just isn’t enough, so today Matthew and I headed to Mackies 19.2 in Marischal Square for two scoops and a coffee. So delicious! I was hoping to finally try out the waffles I’ve heard such good things about, but having spent the day watching the World Cup we didn’t get out to Mackies until almost dinner time, so I restrained myself and just went for a scoop of Strawberry Swirl and Rocky Road. Mmm mm mmm!

When Mum and I were there in January I had plans to go back and do a full blog post on this delicious new ice cream parlour, but then I got pregnant and the nausea kicked in and my sweet tooth disappeared so I just didn’t get round to it. Now that my sweet tooth is finally returning I’m hoping to push it higher up my to do list!

Day 112|365

Day 112
Settings – ISO 400, 50mm, f1.8, 1/160sec

My nephew, Finlay, munching on mini cheddars and engrossed in a film he said he didn’t want to watch. Classic 7 year old! Just look at those eyelashes *swoon* It’s crazy how much love you can have for your nieces and nephews! Fingers crossed Baby Macleod is as cute as they are!

Also, Matthew sneaking in the background there…think all this blog attention has gone to his head and he’s going to try sneak in as much as possible now…heh heh heh.

Day 100|365

Day 100.jpg
Settings – ISO 100, 50mm, f2.5, 1/125sec

Happy 100th day of the year! I call this Wet Dog in the Daffies…he looks very happy to be on the lead and not allowed to run off and splash muddy water all over himself!

It was such a yucky day, I put off taking Jasper for his long walk, hoping it would brighten up, but of course it only got worse! So off we went, camera in its raincoat, to try find something pretty to take a photo of on this dull, damp day. I was trying to get a photo of the daffodils by the river, but then Jasper trotted in to shot, and I guess he is kinda cute, even when he’s a wet mop.

Day 59|365

Day 59
Settings – ISO 100, 50mm, f2.2, 1/1000sec

Majestic Snow Doggo returns, this time with a beard, and a flopped ear. He’s spend all day in the snow, with his ball, if I’d let him. I need to trick him back on to his lead a while before our exit off the railway line, otherwise he’d just do a mad dash and run circles around me like a child who’s just spent the day with its grandparents and consumed too much sugar. The moment he gets inside he flops on the sofa and falls asleep.

Day 45|365

Day 45
Settings – ISO 100, 50mm, f2.5, 1/500sec

It’s so disgusting outside, I’m hoping Jasper just sleeps aaaaall day. I’m so glad I decided to take him for a slightly longer walk than usual first thing this morning! If this keeps up we’ll be starting Potty Training…

Day 43|365

Day 43.jpg
Settings – ISO 160, 100mm Macro, f2.8, 1/100sec

Remember the beautiful tulips from last week? Well, sadly, now they’re dead, but I got this one final photo of them before they fell apart completely and went in the bin (Sob. Anyone know where I can get some nice fake tulips??). I used my macro lens because there are some things my 50mm just cannot do! With the macro lens I was able to get in real close to capture the detail of the petals, and create a rather lovely abstract image. I love the flow of lines in the shape of the petals, and the bokeh caused by the fallen pollen.

Day 42|365

Day 42.jpg
Settings – ISO 500, 50mm, f2.2, 1/125sec

Gloves are an essential part of constructing the best ice cream cone, did you know? Haha. I brought the kiddos gloves that Granny had bought them and Elsie didn’t take hers off the whole afternoon. This girl really loves pink! Turns out it’s difficult to roll a dice when you’ve got gloves on. It’s also difficult to put together an ice cream cone…sorry, I was lying at the start, she definitely needed help from Mummy.

I love that we’re half way through February and I’ve already seen these guys three times this year, I hope we continue to see them this often!

Alasdair & Laura

Matthew and I were heading up to Inverness for the weekend a couple of weeks ago, with no plans other than seeing family and friends, so I got in touch with my friend Laura to see if her and her husband were up for getting in front of my camera in the Highland wilderness. I’m happy to say they were keen so on Sunday afternoon we headed out to Beauly where they picked us up and drove us up in to the hills, to Mullardoch. They’d been there two weeks previously, when it was covered in snow, and the photos looked amazing, so I was excited to see it, and it did not disappoint! With snow still on the hills, dear roaming free, rivers flowing in to lochs and beautiful trees scattered about, it was a photographers dream! The only disappointment was the rain…but, it’s Scotland, so what did I expect?

We had a great time catching up with Laura and Al and seeing more of the beautiful Highlands. Alasdair is a self employed Camera Man & Director so it was great to talk  about life behind the camera and being your own boss!

I hope you enjoy these images of Alasdair and Laura and their beautiful relationship. Thanks for braving the rain, Laura and Al, and stepping in front of my camera 🙂




Day 27|365

Day 27
Settings – ISO 340, 50mm, f2.5, 1/640sec

Have you met Inverness’ next top model? Sporting the finest of bright red snow suits, wellies and a wooly hat that continuously fell over her eyes as she splashed along the runway. I don’t think there was a puddle left untouched on our walk along the Canal in Inverness, and every photo I took of her mid splash, half her face was covered by the hat. Very happy I got this cracker, between splashes, as the sun broke through the greyest of skies.

We got mighty wet and windswept on this walk, but Elsie rocked it.

Day 25|365

Day 25
Settings – ISO 5000, 50mm, f2.0, 1/160sec

I took a similar photo to this one, over five years ago, not long after Matthew moved to Aberdeen. We weren’t playing against each other, but I won my game, and he lost his…I like to think I wasn’t being flirtatious about it, just a strong independent woman, showing that girls can be good at pool too (although I’m not really that good, most of my shots are flukes!).

I ended up giving Matthew a lift home that night, I can remember it so clearly in my head, chatting about how he was getting on in Aberdeen, thinking he was a really lovely guy, a sweet (tall) little Fresher…little did I know what God had in store for us! Don’t let an age gap put you off, ladies!

P.S. I won this game. Because he potted the white along with the black right at the end. Bad luck, Darling!