Day 140|365

Day 140
Settings – ISO 100, 50mm, f2.2, 1/6400sec

When I was booking our flights I had the genius idea of booking the earliest flight over and the latest flight home, to make the most of our days there! This was genius, until our flight was delayed by three hours and we had to drive back from Edinburgh, not getting in to bed until 1:40am and Matthew having to get up for work the next day…oops.

Before all that fun happened though we took a wee drive down to Praia de Castelo, my favourite beach so far! There’s a post there which you’re supposed to use to take a photo of the cliffs each time you visit and see if there’s been any corrosion, which Matthew does, but I like to use it to take photos of me and my beau!

This bump is really starting to take shape and I look more and more pregnant each day, instead of just looking like I ate all the cake. It still doesn’t feel real yet…our 20 week scan is next Monday and I am super excited! God willing we’ll see a healthy little squisher, full of energy so the sonographer can get a good look!

Day 139|365

Day 139
Settings – ISO 100, 50mm, f4.0, 1/2500sec

White walls, orange rooftops, blue skies and turquoise waters, Portugal is pretty beautiful! On our last night we went in to Albufeira for dinner and a stroll around the streets of the old town. Matthew took me there last year and I got so excited when I heard the words “old town” and thought I’d get lots of pretty pictures of old buildings with beautiful doors lining little streets. Sadly it had changed a little bit since he was last there and the streets were now lined with tourist stalls, pubs and bars and swarming with drunken tourists. Not my cup of tea!

This time was a little bit better, we ate beside the beach and had a lovely view of the sea with the sun light getting more and more golden as it set. But I think next time we need to go further from the square and venture up to the residential areas to find the scenes I was hoping for.

Day 133|365

Day 133
Settings – ISO 100, 50mm, f2.2, 1/3200sec

Being 18 weeks pregnant, and having spent the whole day photographing a wedding, I didn’t think we’d be staying till the very end of the wedding, so when I booked our 6:45am flights out to Portugal on the Sunday morning I assumed we’d have had plenty of sleep. I was wrong. We didn’t get to bed until 1am, and our alarm went off at 4:15am…and that turned out to be only just enough time to board our flight!

Edinburgh Airport was chaos. We thought it was off to a good start when the Airline lady had the guts to ask if I was pregnant, and if I had an “Okay to Fly” letter (okay, there was a minor panic at that moment but I informed her I was only 18 weeks, to which she was surprised as she doesn’t normally notice women with a baby bump until at least 24 weeks! Thanks). She put us in to the shorter queue, along with the families with young children, and we thought we were on to a winner, but we still had to join another queue to drop our bags. We didn’t have the luxury of being in the family line at Security, and my bag ended up having to be examined by security twice…Matthew was in slight panic mode by this point…we then discovered our gate was “15 minutes” away and they were doing final call for boarding, so there was no time for a bacon roll and a coffee, sadly…Now I dunno who timed that estimation first of all…a tortoise perhaps, because we got there in less than 5 minutes, and I certainly wasn’t running! But I guess there are those who would take 15 minutes for one reason or another. Anyway, we made it!

Matthew’s parents picked us up at Faro Airport, having arrived the night before us. We had lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing by the pool. The image above was my view. Exactly what was needed after two hectic days!