Day 243|365

Day 243
Settings – ISO 100, 70mm, f2.8, 1/1600sec

Yay, Matts is home from his first week of work and the doggos are very excited! It’s crazy that he’s finished week one already, and I’m very thankful to say he’s enjoyed it. He spent the week doing training, but he’s enjoyed learning new things, and is looking forward to the work that he’ll be doing with all his new knowledge!

It still feels like we’re just on holiday here, because we’re staying with Matthew’s folks. There’s still the thought of “Oh, when do we need to drive back to Aberdeen?”, but that’s no longer the case. Well, I’m heading down there on Wednesday to do some bits n bobs, but that’s just for the day! In the evening I’ll be heading home to Inverness again. This move happened so fast we still can’t believe it’s actually happened!

We’ve had one viewing on the flat in two and a half weeks…to be honest I’m really surprised we haven’t had loads more interest! I was really expecting people wanting to view it instantly and getting a quick sale, because it’s in such a great location and it’s so bright and spacious. But, it’s all in the Lord’s hands, and he has a reason for the waiting, so we’ll trust in Him and take things as they come.

Day 227|365

Day 227.jpg
Settings – ISO 2500, 28mm, f2.8, 1/100sec

Second night eating out, this time with my wonderful Hubby and Mumsy *Happy face* as a farewell/birthday/catch up meal. Mum’s been away in Glasgow helping out with her parents, and Matthew and I have been away a couple weekends so we hadn’t seen each other properly for weeks. We went to one of our faves; Rusticos, and enjoyed a delicious meal while updating each other on life. I can’t believe that in a week I’ll be moving to a different city from my Mum for the first time in my life! Fingers crossed we’re able to find a house that has a nice Granny room for her.

Day 226|365

Day 226.jpg
Settings – ISO 400, 35mm, f2.8, 1/80sec

I had a wonderful dinner with the college girls tonight, and a trip to Mackies 19.2 to try out their waffles before we leave Aberdeen! Mmm mm mmmm, that was a good waffle! I had chocolate orange ice cream, with banana, strawberries and chocolate sauce. So really it was a healthy dessert.

Day 223|365

Day 223.jpg
Settings – ISO 100, 35mm, f2.8, 1/200sec

Today was the start of our big move to Inverness! We hired a van, and a few of our lad friends came round this morning to help shift some of our bigger pieces of furniture, and many boxes and junk from our cupboards, to help tidy up the flat a bit and make it more suitable for viewings. Then Matthew and I headed up the road to offload it all in to his parents garage.

We also did a few home viewings…which is pretty pointless right now as we can’t do anything until we sell our flat here, but it was good to get an idea of what’s on the market and it felt good picturing ourselves living up in Inverness. We have an exciting few months ahead!

Day 202|365

Day 202.jpg
Settings – ISO 640, 70mm, f2.8, 1/200sec

Matts and I went to a couple of second hand furniture places today to look for things for Baby Mac’s room. I found this adorable set of four cups and saucers (actually it was 4 cups and nine saucers…) at Somebody Cares in Hazelhead and could not resist getting them! How pretty is that floral print!?

We also found exactly what I had in mind for Baby Mac’s room; a lovely wooden dresser with a frame for a changing matt on top. Hooray! So Matthew shifted things around in the spare room, to make room for it, and now we’re getting very excited because we officially have the beginnings of a nursery, and somewhere to store Baby Mac’s adorable tiny clothes. Yay!

The little squidge will be sleeping in our room for the first 6 months or so though, so the spare bed is still there for anyone who’s brave enough to come visit!

Day 201|365

Day 201
Settings – ISO 1600, 35mm, f2.8, 1/320sec

I spent about half an hour, sweaty and red post shower (yeah, I know! You try being 28 weeks pregnant on a humid day), trying to get a self-portrait for today’s post, but I couldn’t figure out what expression I wanted; smiling just felt forced. Then Matthew got home from work and I asked if he would jump in on the photo too…job done in less than a minute! Real life moment right here. Bedside tables covered in our mess, an unmade bed because Jasper barfed on it when we got up this morning, and happy happy faces.

Today I want to be real, as I am inspired to be daily by so many creative women on Instagram but have never quite been brave enough until now…

At the start of this year I decided to start up my photography business again. Within a few weeks Matthew and I found out there was a little miracle growing inside me and this was the most wonderful news, but I began to worry about starting up a business whilst we prepared to welcome Baby Mac in to our lives and I wondered if it was the right thing to do. After much thought I decided that being my own boss, getting to choose my own hours and set my own work limit was a great privilege when you’re raising a child, so I should go for it!

I did online training courses in lighting and posing to refresh my knowledge and skill set and got great inspiration for photo shoots. But my confidence was incredibly low, I was constantly battling with asking couples to “model” for me to freshen up my portfolio and worrying that the images would be terrible and I’d just be wasting their time.

There are so many fantastic photographers in this country, and I am so so guilty of comparison, as many of us are in this social media mad world (if you’re not guilty of doing this, please teach me your ways!). I thought “What’s the point in me adding another business to this Industry? I’ll never get hired instead of those photographers because their work is incredible.” And for months I’ve just plodded on, not having the confidence to promote myself, and feeling more and more flat about the fact that I’m sitting at home doing nothing most days (apart from daily dog walks, housewife tasks and growing a human), when I should be out doing some kind of work to help provide for our growing family!

Matthew has been the most wonderful husband I could ever have asked for! It’s not easy being married to an anxious, introverted, creative but God brought us together and I am so so thankful for that.

Today I want to stop hiding, and making excuses and be brave by being honest and making myself accountable…

Photography makes me happy! I don’t need to be the best in the industry and win loads of awards. I just long to capture fun, happy images of couples in love, for them to treasure for the rest of their lives. What does it matter if there are hundreds of other photographers across the country. We should all be supporting each other (and going on holiday together so we can take cute pictures for each other)!! And if I can provide beautiful images for even just a few couples and families each year then that’s all I need. This miracle baby is going to be my main priority in just a few quick months but I’m gonna need something to do on the afternoons they’re kidnapped by their grandparents!

So, firstly, thank you for reading this far, and secondly, if you like my work, and know of anyone in Aberdeen or Inverness who might like it too please spread the word and get Catriona Elizabeth Photography out there so it gets me off my butt and in front of some beautiful souls!

If you’re a fun-loving couple interested in helping me freshen up my portfolio with a mixture of silliness and snuggles then please get in touch and tell me a bit about your story.

Day 177|365

Day 177
Settings – ISO 200, 50mm, f2.0, 1/2000sec

Tonight we experienced Opera in the Park for the first time! La bohéme was brought to us by BP Big Screens and the Royal Opera House. Mum messaged last week to ask if we fancied going along and we were keen, if the weather was nice. I confess, when the day came and the sun was slowly blocked out by harr I hoped she wouldn’t want to go anymore…but she’s a keen bean! So Matts and I plucked ourselves off the sofa, grabbed blankets, warm jackets and scarves, made a flask of hot choc, and headed along to the park with Mumsy. We could have just opened our windows and stayed in the flat, we live so close! But then we wouldn’t have had a clue what was going on…to be honest, there wasn’t a lot to the story line, it takes them so long to sing each line that there isn’t time for much of a storyline! *Cue Opera lovers tearing me apart* Don’t get me wrong, it was beautiful to watch and listen to, and I liked that there was a lot of humour in the first half, and then a lot of emotion in the second half. It did turn out to be a really enjoyable evening! Albeit a little chilly.

Day 167|365

Day 167
Settings – ISO 800, 50mm, f2.51/250sec

Ice cream once in a weekend just isn’t enough, so today Matthew and I headed to Mackies 19.2 in Marischal Square for two scoops and a coffee. So delicious! I was hoping to finally try out the waffles I’ve heard such good things about, but having spent the day watching the World Cup we didn’t get out to Mackies until almost dinner time, so I restrained myself and just went for a scoop of Strawberry Swirl and Rocky Road. Mmm mm mmm!

When Mum and I were there in January I had plans to go back and do a full blog post on this delicious new ice cream parlour, but then I got pregnant and the nausea kicked in and my sweet tooth disappeared so I just didn’t get round to it. Now that my sweet tooth is finally returning I’m hoping to push it higher up my to do list!