Day 309|365

Day 309

Florence’s first time at Church *happy face and hands emoji* The church where Daddy was baptised, grew up and became a member, and the church where Mummy and Daddy got married.

It was so lovely to get out to church this morning, where lots of lovely church family were dying to meet little Florence Elizabeth Ann. We dropped her off at creche and collected our number (which comes up on the projector screen if your child requires your assistance…it’s not because there’s an error with the projector, as I’ve thought for months) and headed in for the service.

When the first singing began, I instinctively went to place my hands on my bump, as I have done for the past 6 months, and was quite sad that Florence wasn’t there anymore. I loved that she was inside me as we sang praise to God, and I thanked the Lord for her each time. So I didn’t mind when our number came up on the screen shortly after that! Haha. Little Florence hadn’t fed for two hours so I didn’t think she’d last long if she woke up during the service, and she woke up pretty much as we closed the crèche door, so the wonderful creche ladies did well holding off for 15 minutes!

We then got to enjoy the service together in the Quiet Room with the cosy lights. So wonderful!

Day 308|365

Day 308.jpgFlorence attended her first ever Hen Party breakfast this morning! Sure, we spent most of the time in the bedroom, feeding, but it was so wonderful to be able to join in with at least a little bit of the celebrations for this beautiful girly, who is soon to be Mrs Munro!

When plans were hatched, a few months ago, I was sure Florence would be 4-5 weeks old by the time the Hen Party came around, not one week old…but I was determined to go for at least part of the day because Lou Lou means a lot to us! We are so excited to see her and Phil become husband and wife in January, and start the wonderful adventure of marriage.

Florence can’t wait to go shopping for her dress! Mummy is a little bit more nervous about finding something for her new Mum bod.

Day 307|365

Day 307.jpg

One week old…what?!

This first week has been an absolute dream. Florence is so content, we’ve had a pretty decent sleep each night, we’ve been out for a couple of hours every day except one, when we just stayed in and snuggled all day, Daddy has coped surprisingly well with the interrupted sleep through the night…but he hasn’t been back at work yet! We’ve had many visitors in to meet our adorable munchkin, and many getting in touch desperate to meet her. She is so well loved already!


Day 302|365

One more snuggle with Granny before she headed down to Glasgow 🙁

Day two out of hospital. Mum came round for a quick visit before hitting the road, and then Matthew, Florence and I made the exciting trip to the Registrars to officially register her existence. So exciting! We have daughter! And she’s called Florence Elizabeth Ann Macleod. And she was born in Inverness! What a crazy year this has been.

The first time Mum crazies continued today, as we were out for 3 hours doing various errands, and Florie started stirring as we headed to Harry Gows to grab something for lunch. I was getting flustered and just telling Matthew to be quick cause she hadn’t fed for 3 hours and I was so worried she was starving and I was being a horrible mother…but really she was fine.

I’m so behind on blog posts, I may just have to do an amalgamation of how things have been going the past two weeks. I’ve still taken a photo each day, but I certainly don’t have time to write daily blog posts right now.

Day 301|365

Yay for our first day home and snuggles with Daddy!

Of course, stereotypical “first time parents” we panicked about her cord being bloody first thing in the morning and call the community midwife! Haha. She was coming round to see us that day anyway so she just headed round first thing, and informed us that her belly button was totally okay and we could just pop some sudocream on it.

It felt great to be home! And Florence was so content. We had a few visitors that morning, and then, because my Mum had to head off the next day (after two weeks in Inverness, awaiting Florie’s arrival!) to go help out with her parents in Glasgow, we headed round to my sister’s for Sunday lunch.

I was quite tired still, not surprisingly, and feeling a bit yucky (we later realised it was because of the antibiotics), but it was so nice to be out and about, doing normal things! And so lovely to see my niece and nephew all excited about their new wee cousin! We only stayed for a couple of hours, and I managed to have a nap when we got home, while Daddy had more snuggles with Florence. All in all a successful first day out as a family!

Day 300|365

Today was day two in hospital; finishing up my IV Antibiotics and switching to pills, along with a few other drugs and laxatives, getting my catheter removed and seeing if I could pee naturally (I could! Yay!), having Florie’s hearing checked, and being shown how to bath her.

Here she is all snuggled up in her towel after getting her head washed by the midwife. As you can tell, she loved it…

At 4am one of the midwives came to help me feed Florence, and as I appeared to be stressing about it (one midwife had recommended pump expressing from my left breast to try stimulate the flow, seeing as Florie wasn’t taking to it so well. So I tried that, but nothing was coming, so I thought I’d try the right breast, and again nothing came. This made me worry that she wasn’t getting anything from me) she said I shouldn’t go home today either. This did not help my stress levels, but after a few more hours sleep, and a visit from a lovely midwife who reminded me that a baby is far more efficient than a pump, so she will be getting something from me, I remembered that she was filling her nappy regularly which was also a good sign she was being fed, and what I needed to do was have confidence. I found a way of holding her which gave her a good latch, fed her without asking for a midwife to check I was doing it correctly, showed that I was happy with how feeding was going, and politely asked if we could get home today. The response we got was a lot more positive, hooray!

After that it was just another waiting game, to see if they would have time to discharge us. My sister, niece and Mum came back to visit, as well as my Mum’s brother and his wife, so this time we wheeled Florie through to the “Family Room”, which could do with being a bit more cosy, if I’m honest. There was only a few plastic chairs and a telly in it and it was rather chilly! This didn’t bother Florence though as she was all bundled up, and she was adorably content.

A few Mum’s got discharged that day, and eventually it was our turn. The midwife went over all the discharge notes, gave me my big bag full of drugs, and said to let her know when we were ready to leave and she’d let us out the side door.

Matthew went out to the car with all our bags, and came back with the carseat. By this time it was dark and the temperature had really dropped. I wasn’t prepared for it, having walked in to the hospital on Wednesday night with leggings, a shirt and a thin cardigan on, so Matthew gave me his jacket and scarf, and we bundled Florie up in a fleecy hoody from the Baby Box, blankets and a hat. When we were all set to go and we walked to the door I fully expected them to say “What are you doing? You can’t go home yet. You’re not taking her anywhere.”, but they didn’t. We were escorted to the side door and let loose in to the world with our beautiful daughter.

I would have liked to get home in daylight, as these dark nights aren’t good for positive thinking, and when we arrived home I began to panic a little about if we’d done the right thing taking her home *face palm*, But I knew that I was just overtired again, and I’d feel better after some sleep. Sure enough, when I woke in the night to feed Florence I felt a lot better, and it was wonderful being home together as a family. Matthew was maybe wishing we’d stayed in another night though, haha! I’ve been used to getting up through the night to pee for the past 9 months, but these interrupted nights are a whole new thing for him.