Day 330|365

Day 330.jpgRemember I said yesterday that Matthew and his Dad took a van through to Aberdeen to move our furniture out of the flat? Well, there was so much of it that they needed to go back again today, so this time Florence and I went too! Matthew drove us down in the car and dropped us off at Nana Jana’s, yay! Then he headed in to the flat to load up the final bits n bobs, and run around with the hoover. It was so nice spending the afternoon with Mum. I wasn’t the one doing the driving, but it felt very easy to just nip through to Mum’s for the afternoon, maybe we’ll do it more often! Until Florence no longer sleeps for an entire journey…

Day 329|365

Day 329.jpgShe’s a Dog Whisperer as well as a Baby Whisperer! Haha. It was so good to finally introduce Florence to my Rachel today! We had a lovely Girls Day Out, while Matthew and his Dad headed through to Aberdeen with a van to move all our stuff out of the flat *Eek!* Then she came back up to the house for dinner, and Jasper was very excited to see her!! He snuggled right in when she sat down on the sofa with Florence, it was adorable!

Day 328|365

Day 328.jpgOh my goodness, four weeks old?! How is that even possible? The past four weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster. Part of me is like “Woo! Four weeks have past! We’re surviving!” and another part of me is like “No! How is time moving so fast?! Stop growing!”. I’m very thankful to say that I think my hormones are balancing out a bit more now, and we’re getting in to the swing of things. Since starting the formula, Florence has been sleeping a four hour stretch and then a three hour stretch through the night, and that is absolutely wonderful! I feel so well rested, and don’t even nap during the day. I don’t think I’ll be giving that up even when we do eventually get the breastfeeding sorted out!

Day 327|365

Day 327.jpg
Settings (It’s been a while, but this one deserves to have the settings with it) – IS0 12800, 24mm, f2.8, 1/80sec

I was in bed, and Matthew was about to climb in beside me, when I said I hadn’t taken a blog photo today…so off he went to get my camera and I snapped this photo of our little snuggle bug beside me. It really is wonderful having her so close.

Day 326|365

Day 326,.jpgFlorence got to meet her Grand Auntie Anne tonight, yay! She had to fend off these two munchkins to get a cuddle with her; they’re so obsessed! Asking for a cuddle the minute we arrive at the house, and complaining if the other got a longer cuddle than they did. They couldn’t comprehend why Anne was allowed such a long cuddle, because she lives in Glasgow and only gets to see Florie for a short while this evening, and they’ll get to see her loads and get loads of cuddles another time. I love how much they love her already!

Day 325|365

Day 325Pumping is hard work! I was reading that women express milk six to eight times a day if they’re not able to breastfeed…I’m not sure how they have time for that! When you add in actually feeding your baby, cuddling your baby, cleaning the pump equipment and doing any other daily tasks, how do they manage to pump so often?? I’ve only been managing three times a day, as we’ve been out and about most days, I live with my in-laws, and a lot of people have been coming up to meet Florence so finding the time/privacy to pump has been a little difficult. I really should be making it more of a priority, to make sure my milk supply stays high. Really hoping we can get back to breastfeeding soon, as they don’t need sanitised every time I feed!

Day 323|365

Day 323Well, it felt a bit odd driving to Inverness on a Sunday night! We’re so used to driving to Inverness once Matthew finishes work on Friday night, and heading back to Aberdeen on Sunday night. And there wasn’t a baby in the back seat! Boy, oh boy, how things have changed these last few months.

Thankfully something that hasn’t changed is Starbucks doing Gingerbread Lattes at Christmas! Woo!

Day 322|365

Day 322

It was so wonderful being able to take Florence to our old flat today. So emotional! Our first home, where she spent the first 7 months growing inside of me. It felt so good snuggling her on the sofa…while Matthew packed up all the stuff in the kitchen…I wasn’t feeling well, you see, because of the antibiotics, so poor Matthew had to do all the hard work himself. Oops.