Photo by Paula O’Hara

Hi there! Firstly, I’m so glad you’ve stopped by to find out a little more about me, I hope you’ve enjoyed looking around.


I’m Catriona (pronounce it however you like, it varies with each accent! But I say it just like the other Katrina’s of the world), I’m half Weegie, half Leodhasach, and for the past 19 years Aberdeen has been home. I love to travel around the country, and abroad. I’ve photographed weddings in Malaga, Pennsylvania and all across Scotland. Some of my favourite things are natural light, fairy lights, peonies, tulips, tea, latte art, anything made of wood, and any form of water; lochs, rivers, oceans, waterfalls, I’ll take it any way!

In 2016 I married a wonderful, young (like Mother, like Daughter, eh Mumsy!), bearded, gentleman by the name of Matthew. He’s the best man in my life, the biggest member of my cheer squad, and I’m very thankful the Lord brought him in to my life…even if it did take me a little while to realise that was God’s plan! Maybe one day I’ll share the video of our wedding speeches so you can hear all about it. Matthew’s favourite things are Runrig, potatoes and biting his nails.

We have a miniature poodle called Jasper who loves snuggles just as much as his Mama, doesn’t like swimming (much to his Mama’s disappointment) and is obsessed with chasing his ball at the park.