Day 336|365

Today was Matthew’s cousin Ali’s wedding day. I was so focused on Florie all day that I didn’t remember to take my camera out until around 8pm, and I just snuck over and snapped a candid moment of her and her lovely new husband chatting with a friend.

I started taking a few photos of her and her girls dancing, thinking the photographer had left…but then I realised she was on the other side of the dancefloor, so I quickly dashed off so as not to ruin her shorts with my flash *face palm*

Florie and I headed off to bed soon after, as it had been a pretty long day for us both. I thought we had made a break through, I had managed to feed her myself all day, but come 6pm she kicked off and wouldn’t latch on again, so the formula made an appearance again!

Florence nodded off to sleep, and I snuggled in to bed, expressed some milk, and watched I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, for the first time ever, before nodding off to sleep myself. Nice, chilled way to end a lovely day!

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