Day 316|365

Day 316.jpgI woke around 5am with a slight temperature and body aches, so I took some paracetamol and texted my Mum (who was in the room upstairs), because no matter what age you are, sometimes you just need your Mama. She came down, felt my forehead and didn’t think I was very hot. Ha. Florence had been gurning, but she’d settled again, thanks to her dummy. So I tried to get back to sleep.

Florie woke again at half 7 for a feed. This was a little more unpleasant than usual, and that’s when the bottle of formula I’d been given by a friend for emergencies became very tempting!

Mum took Florence so I could have a bath (my first one since giving birth!) and try to soothe my aching bones. When I got out I felt super tired, and Florie was still sleeping, so I tried to get some sleep myself. When I woke I took my temperature (thanks to the ear thermometer that comes in the Baby Box), and it had risen to 38.6C and I was in flood of tears at the thought of feeding Florie, but also feeling like a failure if I gave her the bottle of formula…I would like to say for all Mum’s out there using formula; that is not a failure!! I was clearly unwell and my mind was not thinking clearly. I was saying horrible things about myself, worrying that I couldn’t take care of Florence. I am so thankful my Mum was there to calm me down, hand me the bottle of formula, and take control of calling the health visitor (turns out they don’t work weekends) and then NHS24 so we could find out what was wrong with me! Each time I took paracetamol my temperature lowered and I felt more sane. Unfortunately this coincided with the phone call to NHS24 so they said they’d call back within 3 hours, clearly not thinking it was a big deal. My sister came round and helped out too, and her and Mum took Florie out in her pram to get her to sleep, so I could sleep too (this time with cabbage leaves in my bra to try soothe my nipples)!

When I woke I felt awful again, and my temperature had risen to 39.2, so Mum got back on the phone to NHS24. Meanwhile a friend popped round to drop off a breast pump so I could try expressing milk as well as using formula. I am so thankful to have wonderful women in my life who are there to offer advice and support whatever the issue!

We got an out of hours appointment at Raigmore for 5pm…I said that was totally fine, as we stay just up the road, but I didn’t realise it was 4:45 by this point! Impressively I managed to get dressed and get Florie in to the car in the space of 10 minutes, with Mum’s help.

The doctor informed me I had infected mastitis. Woo! My heart rate was very high, but my blood pressure was fine, and my temperature had dropped back down to 38.6, so antibiotics, ibuprofen and plenty of fluids should do the trick, but if my temperature got worse I was to go to A+E (thankfully that didn’t happen, and the antibiotics, and continuing to express milk, did the trick by the end of the week…but you don’t know that yet, because we’re still only on day 316, of course).

We headed back home, I took my drugs and excitedly awaited Matthew’s return from his lads weekend in London! Ruined slightly by many manic text messages from his wife in a total panic about not being able to look after their daughter *head in hands* Matthew is a worrier, but thankfully he kept a level head and sent me words of encouragement, rather than freaking out about being so far away and unable to help!

I fed Florie another bottle of formula, and at this point I was still in a bit of a daze and didn’t check how much she should have, so I ended up giving her a little too much and it all came back up out of her mouth and nose. That was a shock for me! She’d only ever been sick once before, on our first day in hospital, and that was a relief as it brought up the remaining mucus in her stomach, but this was something else. Like a massive exploding bubble which went all over herself, me, and the spotless sofa in the upstairs living room *covers eyes* Oops! She didn’t bat an eyelid or make a peep though. She was very chilled about it all. But she was rather sticky, so once Daddy got home we filled the bath and go her squeaky clean again!

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