Day 315|365

Day 315.jpgMatthew headed off to London last night for a stag do. We thought Florence would be a few weeks older by the time this came around, so it was difficult to say goodbye to him, and he missed us a lot!

Mum and I took a stroll along the Caledonian Canal this afternoon. Turns out our pram is not made for bumpy paths…I’ll need to take her in the sling if we go there in future!

Today was the beginning of my breastfeeding dramas. We were going to go for lunch after our walk, but Florence was getting upset and I was so nervous to breastfeed in public, because it had become so painful. It hadn’t been long since her last feed, so I was trying to hold off for as long as possible. We headed back to the car and discovered she had a dirty nappy so we changed that and I hoped this would settle her…it didn’t. We headed to my sister’s house, she cried almost the whole way there, so I was going to feed her when we arrived but a cuddle from my sister, and then my niece, and then my nephew, got her to sleep.

I was so nervous of her waking up again, but, of course, eventually she needed to feed. Thankfully Dave, my brother in law, was taking the kids out to the park with their other cousins, as I burst in to tears, terrified of latching Florie on, and feeling so bad about it! To begin with I tried to be modest, but in the end I didn’t care that my boobs were out, as I tried to get Florie’s arms out the way so I could latch her on properly (that girl loves to try sucking her hands!). Mum saw the damage to my nipples, and finally understood my fear! We started talking about getting Florie a dummy, because she enjoys sucking so much, and I was automatically latching her on to settle her, when really she was just comfort sucking, not feeding, and my nipples were so damaged that this was not good for me! I was so against giving my children a dummy…but boy am I thankful I did! I still knew when she was hungry, as the dummy didn’t satisfy her, but when she just wanted to comfort suck she was very happy to have it, and once she was asleep she would pop it out.

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  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself about the dummy! We had to do the same with Ella, I ended up phoning the HV in tears because I had the fear for latching her and would tense up and wince when she went on… but with support, patience and allowing her to suckle on a dummy when tired we got there. You’re doing great x

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