Day 311|365

Day 311.jpgI attempted to take some newborn photos this morning, with the help of my sister. I thought I’d be an absolute pro at taking my own newborn photos, but turns out I was just a nervous mother! It didn’t help that the previous night we’d only slept 45 minute stints so I was exhausted and over thinking everything.

I fed Florie for pretty much an hour…although, let’s face it, she was asleep for most of that probably, and she woke up the minute we put her down in the basket. But she was totally chilled, so I just snapped away. If she was asleep we would’ve been able to position her arms and legs in a more snug position, but instead she was wriggling all over.

I’m happy to have natural newborn photos of her, not overly posed images, and it is lovely to get photos of her with her eyes open! Just need to choose some for thank you cards now…


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