Day 310|365

Day 310

Daddy went back to work today. Sob. Florence kindly slept until after he headed off, so I was able to go make his coffee and toast, as usual, but I did say I couldn’t guarantee it would happen every day (I’m writing this one week on and I can tell you, it hasn’t happened again since). I went back to bed afterwards, in the hopes of getting a bit more sleep, but, of course, Florie then decided it was time to get up.

The midwife came for our final check up before handing over to the Health Visitor. All my answers to her questions were so positive, because we were doing great!  Apart from being a little sad that Daddy was back to work, things were going really well. She checked my stitches and they were healing incredibly well. All was good!

The Breastfeeding Support Worker came to check on us today too, and by that point I had been stuck in bed with Florence attached to me for quite a while, unable to eat my lunch because I couldn’t get her in a position on my nursing pillow to go hands free. She kept falling asleep at the breast, so not really getting enough milk, and waking up when I tried to put her down wanting more milk. So with that, and the pain I was having from her latch the previous week, the BFS worker started to wonder if Florie had a tongue tie which was making it difficult for her to feed. When I watched her play with her tongue later on it looked like it was moving around fine so I figured it wasn’t that.

When Matthew got home I burst in to tears…I’d spent the whole day in bed, which I thought would be a good thing for us to do the first day without Daddy, and by the time we had our visits from the Midwife and BFS worker and Florence took forever to feed before eventually going in her bed, I hadn’t really had the chance to do anything else. It felt like a bit of a failed day! But there are going to be days like that, when she’s just wanting to feed all day, to help her grow, or to comfort her.




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