Day 309|365

Day 309

Florence’s first time at Church *happy face and hands emoji* The church where Daddy was baptised, grew up and became a member, and the church where Mummy and Daddy got married.

It was so lovely to get out to church this morning, where lots of lovely church family were dying to meet little Florence Elizabeth Ann. We dropped her off at creche and collected our number (which comes up on the projector screen if your child requires your assistance…it’s not because there’s an error with the projector, as I’ve thought for months) and headed in for the service.

When the first singing began, I instinctively went to place my hands on my bump, as I have done for the past 6 months, and was quite sad that Florence wasn’t there anymore. I loved that she was inside me as we sang praise to God, and I thanked the Lord for her each time. So I didn’t mind when our number came up on the screen shortly after that! Haha. Little Florence hadn’t fed for two hours so I didn’t think she’d last long if she woke up during the service, and she woke up pretty much as we closed the crèche door, so the wonderful creche ladies did well holding off for 15 minutes!

We then got to enjoy the service together in the Quiet Room with the cosy lights. So wonderful!

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