Day 302|365

One more snuggle with Granny before she headed down to Glasgow 🙁

Day two out of hospital. Mum came round for a quick visit before hitting the road, and then Matthew, Florence and I made the exciting trip to the Registrars to officially register her existence. So exciting! We have daughter! And she’s called Florence Elizabeth Ann Macleod. And she was born in Inverness! What a crazy year this has been.

The first time Mum crazies continued today, as we were out for 3 hours doing various errands, and Florie started stirring as we headed to Harry Gows to grab something for lunch. I was getting flustered and just telling Matthew to be quick cause she hadn’t fed for 3 hours and I was so worried she was starving and I was being a horrible mother…but really she was fine.

I’m so behind on blog posts, I may just have to do an amalgamation of how things have been going the past two weeks. I’ve still taken a photo each day, but I certainly don’t have time to write daily blog posts right now.

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