Day 301|365

Yay for our first day home and snuggles with Daddy!

Of course, stereotypical “first time parents” we panicked about her cord being bloody first thing in the morning and call the community midwife! Haha. She was coming round to see us that day anyway so she just headed round first thing, and informed us that her belly button was totally okay and we could just pop some sudocream on it.

It felt great to be home! And Florence was so content. We had a few visitors that morning, and then, because my Mum had to head off the next day (after two weeks in Inverness, awaiting Florie’s arrival!) to go help out with her parents in Glasgow, we headed round to my sister’s for Sunday lunch.

I was quite tired still, not surprisingly, and feeling a bit yucky (we later realised it was because of the antibiotics), but it was so nice to be out and about, doing normal things! And so lovely to see my niece and nephew all excited about their new wee cousin! We only stayed for a couple of hours, and I managed to have a nap when we got home, while Daddy had more snuggles with Florence. All in all a successful first day out as a family!

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