Day 298|365

Day 298
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Welcome back to my Induction Story. It’s detailed, you’ve been warned.

The call from Labour Ward came at 8am, so I got in touch with Matts and told him to get his butt down to the hospital…however, when he arrived a Midwife from Labour Ward paid us a visit, to give me another examination and see if she thought I was dilated enough to have my waters broken…in her opinion, I wasn’t, and I needed a prostin tablet to help me along *Face Palm* That meant six more hours of waiting, hoping my waters went naturally, squatting up stairs in the hospital tower, and catching up on The Apprentice. Sadly my waters didn’t go, but wonderfully after the six hours I was dilated enough and didn’t need to have another prostin tablet inserted and wait a further six hours…this was it! Go time!

It was around 4:30pm when we headed upstairs. They gave me a very fetching gown, and hooked me up to this very pleasant cannula for my Oxytocin drip, then broke my waters. That was a very bizarre experience. Every time I laughed more water would trickle out of me, which made me laugh even more…you get the idea.

It didn’t take long for the contractions to start once they put the drip in. Matthew and I thought we’d catch up on some YouTube videos while we waited for the contractions to develop, but we only made it through half of a 15 minute video before they were too much for me to concentrate. I had heard being induced makes your contractions go from zero to 100 in no time at all…boy oh boy is that true!

We think Florie might have been “back to back” as my contractions were all in my lower back, and only minutes apart. Sitting wasn’t comfortable, so I was switching between leaning over the back of the bed, on my knees, and standing beside the bed leaning forward. It wasn’t long before our wonderful Midwife suggested hopping on to the gas and air. I was hesitant to go on it so early on in my contractions, but I am thankful I did as they were pretty fierce pretty fast! So fierce in fact that I was very quickly asking “When do you cut it out of me??!”.

*Please see below for more “hilarious” statements I made whilst on gas and air which Matthew has kindly noted*

When I wrote my birth plan last month I knew it was almost pointless, as things weren’t guaranteed to go to plan, especially if I ended up being induced. I wrote what I would like my birth to be like, but I also stated that I was quite relaxed and just wanted to deliver our baby safely so I’d do whatever I had to. I had hoped to avoid being induced, but sadly Florie was too cosy in there and had to be evicted. I also didn’t want an epidural, as I had heard it can reduce your ability to push and increase the chance of needing forceps or a C-Section…but the pain was so intense I ended up asking for one!

Early in to my contractions we could hear a women nearby yelling in pain. Our midwife said “Don’t worry, when you hear that noise it means the baby is close to being born.” Well, I was making those very noises, just a few hours in to my contractions, as I lay on the bed being examined to see how dilated I was. The contractions were so intense in my back that laying on the bed was unbearable. I couldn’t believe I was actually screaming with pain, I kept apologising!

There were two emergency C-Sections so I had to wait an hour for the anaesthetist, and I was pretty doped up on gas and air when she arrived. I’d basically had my eyes shut, just doing deep breathing with occasional outbursts for a few hours (I need to confirm this with Matts as I had lost all track of time), and I couldn’t believe how quickly the epidural took effect. I was able to open my eyes, the pain instantly disappeared, we put the gas and air away, and it was like we were just hanging out in a hospital room, chatting, waiting for me to dilate enough to push. I even managed to have a couple of naps!

Then the clock struck midnight, so come back tomorrow to find out part three!

Matthew’s labour memories – in no particular order

“at what point do you just cut it out of me?”

*After Catriona’s been breathing gas and air for around 5 minutes solid*

Lyndsay: “Okay Catriona, you need to stop breathing the gas if your last contraction has stopped”

Matthew: *tries to pull nozzle out of Catriona’s mouth*

Catriona: *bites down on nozzle so he can’t*

Lyndsay: “Catriona honey, your baby needs oxygen, you really need to take breaths of air between your contractions”

Catriona: *Breathes in gas, breathes out into the room, breathes more gas*

Matthew and Lyndsay: “yeah, not like that”


“I can understand how women die from this”


Catriona: *smacks lips when she wants water*

*gasps at Matthew when she wants gas*


Catriona: “okay, one child is fine, yeah?”


Catriona: “this isn’t so bad, I could do this again”


Lyndsay: “Okay Catriona, I’m going to go and see if we can get you an epidural sooner”

*Lyndsay is pretty much out of the room at this point*

Catriona: “yes please!”


Lyndsay: “the epidural will mean you’re able to sleep before it’s time to push”

Catriona: “but what if I’m too tired to breastfeed after I get the epidural?”

Matthew and Lyndsay: *look at each other and laugh*

Catriona: “I know you’re laughing at me but I’m not being silly, this is something I need to know”

Lyndsay: “honey, the epidural won’t make you tired, it just means you won’t be in any pain so can sleep until we wake you up when it’s time to deliver the baby”

Catriona: “oh, that’s good, I’d really like one now please”


*Just after Lyndsay left the room*

Catriona (in hushed tones as if it’s shameful): “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’d happily give up driving for a few weeks just to make this stop”

Matthew: “what…?”

Catriona: “I’d take a C-section and give up driving for a few weeks”

Matthew: “have some more gas and air…”


You were so doped out on gas and air that it took two of us to hold you steady for the epidural, and when one or both of us would let go you’d slump over.


*Jenny stretching round you to get the straps in the right position*
Jenny: “sorry, I’m giving you a hug right now”

Catriona: “that’s okay, I love hugs”

*hugs Jenny back while she’s trying to sort the straps*



(During the epidural)

*I felt myself going faint to stopped holding you up and went and got a seat and sat with my head in between my knees*

Dr Whiteside: “you clearly know what you’re doing lovey, that’s fine, you stay sitting like that so I don’t end up having two patients to deal with!”

*Lyndsay walks back in the room, Matthew sits up*

Matthew: “I’ve had to tap out”

Dr Whiteside: “he nearly fainted”

Lyndsay: “how you feeling now?”

Matthew: “still a bit dizzy”

*Lyndsay pushes Matthew’s head back between his legs and continues helping with the epidural*


Dr Whiteside playing basketball


*when it was time for the epidural*

Carole: “Catriona, this is Dr Whiteside, she’ll be…”

Catriona: “HI!”

Carole: “… giving you the epidural. She’s very experienced and will…”

Catriona: “Thanks!”

Carole: “… be able to answer any questions you may have”

Dr Whiteside: “Hi Catriona, do you have any questions for me about what I’m going to do?”

Catriona: “No, I just want it now please”

Dr Whiteside: “okay… so you know that an epidural is not just a quick fix, it…”

Catriona: “Yeah”

Dr Whiteside: “… takes a while to administer and there are some serious risks involved if it goes wrong. Have you read the list of possible side-effects?”

Catriona: “No, I don’t want to put myself off getting one. I really want one”

Dr Whiteside: *Puzzled*
Matthew: “I’ve read it, if that’s enough?”

Dr Whiteside (cheerily) “well, that will have to do!”

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