Day 290|365

Day 290.jpg
Settings – ISO 6400, 24mm, f2.8, 1/60sec

Today was a bit of a drag! I felt super tired, and a little fed up. I had breakfast in bed as usual, after Matthew went to work, and watched something on the laptop, then I attempted to go back to sleep but sleep did not come, so I updated the blog, then hoovered our room…which resulted in some hefty pelvic pains from too much bending over to pick things up. Oops. Then it was lunch time, and after that I decided to have a bath…which was wonderful. Baby Mac was loving the whale song! But when I got out I couldn’t believe it was only mid afternoon.

Thankfully my Mum is still in town and she messaged asking if I wanted to get a coffee so we headed to Simpsons for coffee and cake, and a stroll around far too many Christmas Decorations.

The evening was spent pretty much like the above picture; slobbed out on the sofa watching the telly with my Beau. His presence really keeps me calm during all this waiting.

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