Day 283|365

Day 283.jpg
Settings – ISO 8000, 35mm, f2.8, 1/125sec

Matts and I went out on a wee date tonight, to enjoy some time alone together before our world changes forever. We had two for one vouchers for the cinema, and for our meal, we were home by 9:45 and we watched The Apprentice in bed. We are wild! It was so nice to be out, just the two of us, for an evening of chat and laughter at the new Johnny English film. Which had some seriously predictable cringey moments, but also some genuine laugh out loud moments. Sadly not enough to break my waters.

This was my napkin at the restaurant and I thought it was the perfect photo for today’s blog post. Matthew is most definitely going to be one of those Dad’s that constantly tells bad jokes. He can’t wait. And I can’t wait to see him holding our little snuggle bug in his arms.

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