Day 280|365

Day 280
Settings – ISO 400, 53mm, f2.8, 1/250sec

Matthew’s folks have been out at their caravan in Nairn this week and they invited us out for Sunday lunch. Here’s Matthew having the time of his life. Heh heh heh. He was actually very relaxed, and stuffed from lunch, and aware I was taking a photo so trying to act natural. He’s not as bored as he looks.

As you can tell the decor of the caravan is right up my street! You’d think you’d walked in to our living room in Aberdeen (Sob. Still haven’t sold the flat), it was so bright, cosy and teal! Haha. It was really lovely to spend the afternoon by the sea, watching people pass by with their dogs (oh so many doggos!), and the boats in the harbour swaying in the wind.

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