Day 272|365

Day 272
Settings – ISO 160, 44mm, f2.8, 1/640sec

Today was Mum’s last day in Inverness so we went on a wee adventure to Culbin Forest, down near Brodie, on Mum’s route back to Aberdeen. Matthew and his Dad were down in Aberdeen for the day to grab a few more bits n bobs from the flat, so he missed out on the fun, but it’s a very pram friendly place so we will definitely be going back there for walks once baby comes long. There are so many different walking routes, and various ponds scattered about, as well as access to the beach (which we didn’t quite reach), so I don’t imagine you’d get bored even if you walked there every week!

It was sad to see Mum turning left, back to Aberdeen, as we turned right to Inverness. Still feels a bit surreal that we live here now! But Aberdeen isn’t far away, so we’ll see each other plenty once Baby Mac decides to grace us with their presence.

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