Day 270|365

Day 270
Settings – ISO 160, 50mm, f2.0, 1/250sec

All the Airbnb guests have gone and Maggie is officially done for the year, so we can claim my favourite room in the house! Yay! This is where Matthew proposed, and I can’t wait to have family snuggles here soon. There will definitely be adorable photos of a little squisher in this spot, to accompany the engagement photos our Wedding Photographer Paula O’Hara took here two and a half years ago.

My Mum came up from Aberdeen this morning, and we bumped in to each other randomly at Simpsons Garden Centre whilst I was meeting a friend for lunch, and she was meeting her brother. Inverness is a small place! In the evening we went to the Theatre to see The Case of the Frightened Lady at Eden Court with Matthew’s Mum and my sister. It was lovely to have an evening with the ladies before baby comes along! *Spoiler Alert!* I’m actually quite surprised my waters didn’t break when we were shot at at the end of the play! Oh my lifey. We all jumped!

I knew who the killer was pretty early on, but there was definitely a curveball at the end. All in all an enjoyable performance!

Now that Matthew’s had his trip to London with work, and I’ve been on my theatre trip with the ladies, baby can come out whenever it wants to…preferably in the next couple days, while my Mum is already in town! Haha.

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