Day 264|365

Day 264
Settings – ISO 5000, 24mm, f2.8, 1/160sec

Today was eventful! I woke at 2:30am and started getting pains and tightenings at 3:30, so played Bubble Witch for an hour…good times, then I must have dosed on and off with more of what felt like contractions to me! When Matthew’s alarm went off at 6:50am I couldn’t believe it, and wasn’t sure whether to tell him what had been happening. I did, and of course he then got ready for work very disheartedly and wanted regular updates as to how I was feeling.

I had a shower then went back to bed to watch Downton Abbey, and hide away from the Airbnb guests while they had their breakfast. The pains continued to come and go throughout the day, easing off early afternoon, but returning late afternoon. I had TWO naps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I had no clue what was going on! My waters hadn’t broken, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t in labour!

We were meant to be heading to my sister’s for a Catan Double Date night, so off we went, and both her and Matthew were incredibly excited at the prospect of me being in the early stages of labour. We weren’t really able to focus on our game of Catan…much like the last time we played, when I announced I was pregnant!

Best friend “Midwife Martin” was on hand throughout the day to tell me to just chill out and see how things progressed, and when I mentioned baby’s movements had reduced in the evening she recommended calling the hospital and going down for a check up. I didn’t realise it was 10:30pm at this point, but off we went to the hospital (via Matthew’s folks house cause I hadn’t remembered to take my maternity notes with us when we went out) where they quickly hooked us up to the CTG again, and low and behold baby started to dance inside me. All was well!

They offered me an examination, to see if things were getting started and I quickly accepted that offer, only to be hugely disappointed to hear that there was no progress down there! Sob. So off we went, home to bed, hoping that my waters would break through the night because we got so excited thinking baby Mac was in it’s way!

Sadly not quite yet.

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