Day 258|365

Day 258
Settings – ISO 640, 35mm, f3.5, 1/250sec

Matts and I went along to the Vintage Kilo Sale at the Ironworks this afternoon. He was a bit sceptical about what it was going to be like, but as I suspected, he left with more clothes than me!

I got a couple of dresses (one which doesn’t fit my bump right now, and another which is too big…harf. It’ll need to be taken in a bit, but I’m hoping it can be turned in to a nursing friendly dress for some of the weddings we have coming up!) and two wee scarves, he got 4 shirts and a flannel fleece!

I was surprised at how busy it was! There was definitely a lot more men’s clothes than women’s, but if we’d got tickets for the early bird entry that might have been different. It was definitely good fun, and if these dresses work out then we’ll definitely be checking it out again next time.

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