Day 256|365

Day 256
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Well, today didn’t go quite to plan! I was supposed to have my first midwife appointment first thing, then two coffee dates with some girlies at lunch time and later in the afternoon…I made it to my midwife appointment (slightly flustered because Jasper escaped as I was leaving and wouldn’t go back inside, and then I wasn’t quite sure where to go for my my midwife appointment…of course the midwife office is in the dentist!), but all plans after that were cancelled.

Firstly the midwife had the joy of discovering I’m 36 weeks pregnant and we’ve just moved from Aberdeen, where maternity notes are done digitally, so we have to fill in my maternity book for the system up here! Once she gave all that to me we moved on to checking the size of my bump, the position of baby and listening to their heart rate…the moment she put the doppler on my bump Baby Mac starting wriggling like crazy, and their heart rate spiked to 190, and stayed between 180 and 190 for a few minutes and wouldn’t settle *face palm*, so she called the hospital and had me booked in for a CTG, sharing with them the great news that I’ve just moved from Aberdeen and I’m not on the system yet!

So after being reassured that everything was probably fine, it was just because they were really active (and I had been a bit flustered before arriving), and by the time I got to the hospital it would probably have settled, I headed back home and laid down for a bit before going to pick up Matthew from work and heading to the hospital. Thankfully Matthew works right next door and was able to duck out during his lunch break!

We had an absolute nightmare getting parked and in the end I just had to jump out the car and leave Matthew to find a space, then I couldn’t rememeber exactly where the midwife had said to go and walked back and forth between a couple departments before being sent to the right one. Then, of course, they had to deal with the fact that I’m not on the system yet, so we had to wait a wee while until they got that sorted, then they hooked me up to the CTG and I lay back for half an hour, listening to the dulcet tones of our baby’s heart beat, pushing the button whenever I felt movement.

What do you know, their heart rate was totally normal, with only the occasional spike when they moved, but not as high as 190. So they took me off, said everything looked fine but to go back to the waiting area in the corridor while they waited for the Doctor to look over the chart…50 minutes later the midwife appeared saying they were sending us for scan…Huh?? So then minor panic set in, but when we got to the Ultrasound department we discovered it was just so they could check the location of the placenta, as that wasn’t in any of my notes from Aberdeen! Panic changed to excitement at getting to see Baby Mac, yay! We mentioned we didn’t know the gender, so the Sonographer knew to steer clear and not give the game away. Everything looked great! Placenta is not in the way at all, and Baby Mac has an adorable chubby face, which it still loves to smoosh up against whatever it can find!

So, six hours after leaving my midwife appointment, 3 and a half hours after picking Matthew up, we left the hospital feeling slightly frazzled but incredibly relieved that all is well! I took Matthew back to work in time to collect his bag and head home…thankfully his work are very understanding and say Baby Mac comes first!

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