Day 254|365

Day 254
Settings – ISO 100, 50mm, f2.8, 1/200sec

The Bake Off contestants made tear and share Chelsea Buns tonight, and I made Mary Berry’s tear and share Garlic and Cheese Scones to accompany our risotto at dinner!

Matthew’s folks are away for the night so we took the opportunity to pretend we owned the place and had Sarah, Dave and the kiddos round for the evening, along with Darcy (have I mentioned we’re currently dog sitting for a friend for two weeks so there are now three dogs in the house? No? Well, it’s a barrel of laughs! Tilly is actually very chilled out and loveable, but she stares at you with the most powerful eyes whenever you’re preparing or eating food and it’s really quite off putting! Haha). It was a bit of a mad house with dogs running riot, barking at non-existent things, or gerbils, trailing grass cuttings in to the house…I’m gonna need to get the Hoover out later…and Elsie following me around with her Doctor’s kit wanting to help me have the baby (#CUTE). But it was really lovely feeling like we had our own place and could be hosts, without stepping on Calum and Maggie’s toes!

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