Day 251|365

Day 251.jpg
Settings – ISO 250, 50mm, f1.2, 1/160sec

We had brunch this morning with our friends Calum and Kelly, while they were up visiting family. I highly recommend the belgian waffles with bacon and maple syrup at Simpsons! That and a wonderful catch up with friends really set us up well for the tense afternoon that was ahead of us…

We spent the afternoon going between O2 and Vodafone, seeing if there was a way to lower the cost of my monthly contract with O2, seeing what they could offer Matthew as his sim only contract had come to an end with Vodafone, and seeing if Vodafone could offer us anything better! Matthew went back to the car park to add another hour on to our two hour parking ticket twice, because we spent so long chatting to them and working out some sweet deals!

I am very happy to have lowered my monthly payments by a significant amount, and even have a nicer phone to go along with that! O2 were not promising to begin with, but after discussing all our options, doing a trade in, and asking for any potential discounts for being such a long standing O2 customer, they pulled through and won me over again. Thankfully…because I really didn’t want to switch from a company whose branding is blue and watery to a company that’s just…red. Branding really does play a huge part in your customer experience! Haha. Matthew couldn’t believe it when I said that to him…of course I would have gone with Vodafone if they could offer me the better deal, but they couldn’t. Likewise, Vodafone offered him the best deal so he stuck with them, AND he has finally stepped away from Apple and embraced the Android lifestyle. Woohoo!

If you’re interested, I got the Huawei P20 Pro, in the Twilight colour. My old phone was a One Plus 5, and although they are both Androids, the One Plus just didn’t have as good functionality as my previous Samsung did, and I am very pleased to see the Huawei is the same as my Samsung was. And the camera is niiiiiiice. Just what I need for Baby Mac’s impending arrival; excellent photo quality from my phone, when my DSLR isn’t within reach!

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