Day 246|365

Day 246.jpg
Settings – ISO 1250, 50mm, f2.8, 1/125sec

I spotted Mary Berry’s Foolproof Cooking in the kitchen today and decided to make myself useful and offer to make dinner! Baby really like the sound of the Chicken and Bacon Lattice Pie so I kept going back to it, despite the faff in the recipe of cooking the chicken thighs, letting them chill, then cooking the sauce and letting it chill and then putting it all in the oven. Ain’t nobody got time for that! It took me an hour and a half as it was to get it all done! But it didn’t ever feel like a huge amount of effort…I’d just do things a little differently next time. I’d probably use chicken breasts, or a slow cooked chicken.

It was totally worth the time it took though, it was delicious! Even if I do say so myself. I love a good pie with puff pastry, and I love that Mary Berry didn’t expect me to make my own puff pastry! I also made her garlic crushed new potatoes…mmmm mm mmm! I’m definitely going to be making both of those again.

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