Day 243|365

Day 243
Settings – ISO 100, 70mm, f2.8, 1/1600sec

Yay, Matts is home from his first week of work and the doggos are very excited! It’s crazy that he’s finished week one already, and I’m very thankful to say he’s enjoyed it. He spent the week doing training, but he’s enjoyed learning new things, and is looking forward to the work that he’ll be doing with all his new knowledge!

It still feels like we’re just on holiday here, because we’re staying with Matthew’s folks. There’s still the thought of “Oh, when do we need to drive back to Aberdeen?”, but that’s no longer the case. Well, I’m heading down there on Wednesday to do some bits n bobs, but that’s just for the day! In the evening I’ll be heading home to Inverness again. This move happened so fast we still can’t believe it’s actually happened!

We’ve had one viewing on the flat in two and a half weeks…to be honest I’m really surprised we haven’t had loads more interest! I was really expecting people wanting to view it instantly and getting a quick sale, because it’s in such a great location and it’s so bright and spacious. But, it’s all in the Lord’s hands, and he has a reason for the waiting, so we’ll trust in Him and take things as they come.

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