Day 242|365

Day 242.jpg
Settings – ISO 500, 70mm, f2.8, 1/100sec

I stocked up on this cream early in my pregnancy, applying it to my belly as I noticed it begin to grow. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to…skin care and make up, all that sort of thing. I have a face wash which I use in the shower, and a face cream I put on if my face is feeling dry, and I go through phases of putting on a bit of make up, but I can’t be bothered spending lots of time applying various creams and toners and exfoliants and what not every day. I guess it’s because I’ve got pretty good skin, maybe I’d be different if I got spots regularly…but anyway! I got a bit lazy/silly and eased off the regular application of my stretch mark cream, because I wasn’t seeing any stretch marks *face palm* Which of course resulted in a small area of marks to the right of my belly button! But I’m amazed at how much better they look as I continue to apply the cream. It actually works!

What I wasn’t expecting, naively, was stretch marks on my upper thighs, just below my hip bones. It makes sense now, of course, as my hips are broadening in preparation for popping this baby out (*side note* I also discovered the other day that I can no longer zip up my winter boots because my calves are too wide…I hadn’t noticed them getting bigger! I don’t know if I’ve been eating too much or it’s just water retention…or perhaps it’s muscle…ha!). It took me a while to notice I had stretch marks there because I can’t see that area unless I look in a mirror! So those ones are worse than my stomach marks, but again the cream helps!

I’m really not bothered by these marks, as they are just another part of this beautiful miracle! Like a natural tattoo to remind me of the incredible thing my body is doing right now. Again, like my lack of spots, perhaps I’d feel differently if my stomach looked like a tiger shark, who knows! But I like to hope that I’d still view it as a happy price to pay to bring Baby Mac in to the world.

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