Day 237|365

Day 237.jpg
Settings – ISO 800, 24mm, f2.8, 1/125sec

Boy, oh boy, did we underestimate how much we had to do today! Our plan was to pack clothes in to suitcases, chuck them in the cars, tidy and clean the flat so it’s suitable for viewers, and hit the road to Inverness…Or, atleast, that was MY plan! Matthew’s plan was pack and cram as much stuff as possible in to the cars, which makes sense, since we were taking both cars up the road anyway so might as well fill ’em up.

We reached 6 o’clock and only had a little bit left to do, but as we hadn’t stopped and hadn’t eaten since breakfast we were absolutely knackered and decided it wasn’t a good idea to drive up to Inverness. So we snapped this photo, hopped in the car and headed to my Mum’s for dinner and some chill out time, before coming back to the flat for one more night.

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