Day 217|365

Day 217 2.jpg
Settings – ISO 250, 50m, f2.8, 1/200sec

Today was our 2nd wedding anniversary! Last year we were exhausted because it was the last day of a week long camp, this year we were exhausted from 3 days at Belladrum, and next year we’ll be exhausted because we’ll have a 10 month old baby! And will have potentially just been at Belladrum with said baby…but let’s not get too carried away…I surely haven’t fallen in love with Festivals enough to do that?!

I was looking forward to this bath the whole time we were at Belladrum. Three days without showering, and walking/standing around for most of each day…the thought of chilling out in this big bubble bath at the end of it was wonderful! The bowl of yoghurt and fruit, and croissant with cheese and ham, was an added bonus!

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