Day 214|365

Day 214.jpg
Settings – ISO 400, 35mm, f2.8, 1/2500sec

We’re at Belladrum Music Festival and I have a flower crown and ribbon in my hair!! I certainly didn’t think that would ever happen! Well, the Festival part…I’ve always been open to flower crowns.

This afternoon we headed to Belladrum with Matthew’s parents, in their campervan. Matthew certainly didn’t think that would ever happen! Haha. But boy am I thankful we had a campervan…there was no way I was camping at 7 months pregnant! Let’s face it, even if I wasn’t pregnant I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near the camping section of a festival.

The first night was a bit touch a go, with light rain showers, and a few stumbles from drunken festival goers…I’m really not a fan of being around drunk people, especially when it’s past my bedtime! But, thankfully, I got through the tiredness phase and the rain stopped so the first night ended in great success. Much to Matthew’s relief! This Festival stuff might not be so bad after all…

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