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Day 168
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For the past 17 years Father’s Day has had a bit of a sting in it for me, as it does for many others around the world, along with Mother’s Day. It is wonderful to have a day dedicated to celebrating Father’s and Mother’s, and I can’t wait to celebrate Matthew on this day next year with our little Baby Mac, God willing. It will bring a new sense of joy to the day for me! But then I also think of those who are struggling to have children, and how awful these days must feel for them. So do I want to join the onslaught of social media posts that can cause a crack in the heart to those whose father isn’t in their life for one reason or another, or those who aren’t able to be a father and so desperately want to be. Some years these posts make me smile, as I see the love these people have for their fathers/husbands, but other years there is a moment in the day when I just becomes too much.

Our sermon at Church this morning was about God being a father to the fatherless, and I am so thankful that I have that faith in my life, filling me with hope, and knowing that no matter what comes my way I can get through it by looking to God for strength. My Mum became the head of the house when my father passed away, and her strength is a great encouragement to me! It wasn’t easy, but through trusting in the Lord we got through it. That doesn’t stop it from hurting, and despite hearing that wonderful message in the morning, the moment the service finished I realised my emotions were flying high and the memory of it all hit me and I slipped away before bursting in to tears. Why was I crying after hearing such encouraging words? Well, because sometimes you just have to let it out! I have a Heavenly Father who takes care of me (and he has been providing for me exactly when I’ve needed it over all these years!), but there is still that part of me that wishes I could get a protective hug from the father in the picture above.

So, please do celebrate your mother and father if they are in your life; show them your appreciation and love, more than one day a year! But also remember those who are struggling with that loss in their life.

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