Day 138|365

Day 138
Settings – ISO 250, 50mm, f4.0, 1/800sec

When Matthew and I spent four days in Portugal last summer he suggested going to Zoomarine, but I wasn’t overly keen on seeing dolphins in captivity as my last experience like that wasn’t very pleasant, so we went to the water park instead. However, you aren’t allowed on water slides when you’re 5 months pregnant, so this year he suggested Zoomarine again and told me that they’re all about conservation and protecting the oceans and the mammals and animals in the world. I checked out their website and I like their mission statement, so we went along to check it out.

Matthew’s favourite part was the walk through bird habitat, with lots of different exotic species. I liked these pink fellas! My favourite part was the dolphin show…combine a sniffly nose, with pregnancy hormones, and a love for sea mammals, and you get one sobbing pregnant lady. I couldn’t believe how emotional I was getting. I always loved dolphins growing up; choosing them for school projects, buying all sorts of books about them, making up fake business cards for my career as a Marine Biologist (because I thought that meant I got to swim with dolphins all day), adopting a dolphin through WDC and obsessively searching the seas for them every time we went on the ferry to Lewis. That love then extended over to whales, and I ended up getting a little teary eyed at the site of a whale clearing its blow-hole about a mile away from us on our holiday in Alaska four years ago…Matthew found this greatly entertaining.

When I cried this time he wasn’t sure if they were happy tears or sad tears because they’re living in captivity. They were definitely happy tears! I think it all started when we were told their most recent addition to the family, Tony, was born on my birthday last year. Sob. I share a birthday with a dolphin! And although we couldn’t see what goes on behind the scenes, we really did get the impression that they care about the oceans and the mammals in them, and love the family of dolphins that they have been caring for for many years in captivity.

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