Day 135|365


Day 135.jpg
Settings – ISO 100, 50mm, f2.2, 1/1000sec

Today we went on a very adventurous car journey…having been reassured it was very safe and comfortable for pregnant ladies! Haha! Baby definitely didn’t get much sleep this afternoon, either that or come October we’re going to have to buy a Land Rover and take up off-roading to get it to sleep!

Zebra Safari took us along farm tracks surrounded by beautiful wild flower fields, up steep mountainsides with panoramic views of orange farms and lush green hills, through rivers and in to beautiful Portuguese villages. It had everything I wanted all in one day! There were even opportunities to swim under waterfalls and in river pools, but sadly bump and I didn’t feel like jumping in.

Here’s Matthew and his parents at our stop under the cork trees, with one of the jeeps in the background. You can see where the cork has been peeled away from the tree trunks. Pretty cool! I confess I had no clue that’s where cork came from.

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