Day 116|365

Day 116.jpg

Settings – ISO 3200, 50mm, f1.6, 1/160sec

We were at the Craftsman for a few farewell drinks for a friend who’s moving north to the beautiful lands of Inverness this weekend. This chap is not the one who’s leaving, but with the fairylights in the background and the fridge behind us sending out some lovely soft light I had to take this snap while Ian contemplated life, or beer.

My drinks consisted of a delicious decaf latte and a glass of cucumber water. Sometimes I miss having a glass of rum and coke while Matthew tries out a few craft beers, but really, it’s not hard to live without alcohol! Not that I was a very big drinker to begin with, lets be honest, I’m not a party animal, but I don’t feel like I’m unable to relax and unwind without a wee glass of wine on a Saturday night. My orange juice does the trick!

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