Day 109|365

Day 109
Settings – ISO 100, 50mm, f1.2, 1/4000sec

Today was Iain’s last day on the island before heading back to work, and his first free afternoon of the week, having spent the last three and a bit days installing new internet to Eilean Fraoich Campsite (definitely worth checking out if you’re ever camping or touring the island with a Caravan or Campervan!). It was on one of Aalstje’s days off too so we were all able to go for lunch and a lovely stroll on round the Castle Grounds. Yay! We were not prepared for how warm it was and ended up carrying our jackets half way round. I spent the whole time swooning over how beautiful the castle grounds are, as usual, desperately wanting to arrange photo shoots in all the beautiful spots, and the others spent the whole time telling me to move here (Matthew would move up in a heartbeat)!

Jasper had a wonderful time, chasing his ball up hills, down hills, in to bushes, in to streams…and dropping his ball in to the river, resulting in Iain and Matthew clambering down on to rocks trying to catch it as it floats downstream. We’re very precious about our ChuckIt balls!

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